What does America love? How about hot dogs, cold beer and… speed? Of course, there are many different things that define red, white, and blue, but it seems that if you call the United States your home, then there is some deep appreciation for the desire to move quickly. Maybe this muscle car craze helped shape the 1960s. Maybe it’s races like the Indy 500 and Daytona 500. How about this summer’s blockbuster Top Gun: Maverick (Paramount writes me checks, so I’d better tell!).

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We all have a love for speed, especially when it comes to playing football. That’s why the July 4th weekend is the perfect time to highlight what we consider to be the fastest recruits in the class of 2023. Please note that there is no real event where everyone lined up and raced. As such, our list relies heavily on verified data such as track times, test scores, and top speed numbers.