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The pending accounts: this is the economic situation of each club

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June 30 arrives, the day to close balances and make accounts. The economic crisis has notably affected football and there are not a few teams that must tighten their belts to close the course with numbers that allow it to face the 2022-23 market with solvency. This is the situation in each First club.

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Good economic health and sales policy

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The numbers of Almería, which approved the largest budget in its history with 43 million euros, contrast with those of other seasons. This increase was motivated by the works that are being carried out in the Estadio de los Juegos Mediterráneos. The Andalusian, financially backed by Saudi Sheikh Turki Al-Sheikhenjoy great economic health, thanks in part to their policy of high sales of important players.

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A text by Guillermo Sánchez

Negative account, but without urgencies

Athletic does not have emergencies. In the Extraordinary Assembly of last November it approved a negative budget with 135.9 million euros of income and 140.4 of expenses, therefore estimating losses of 4.4 million euros. The budget also considered the possibility of a maximum additional income of 1 million euros from ticket sales and vip ring if the full capacity was maintained until the end of the season. In any case, the account will be negative, but Athletic has sufficient equity and cashin the provident fund, so as not to panic and have to pull the sale of footballers.

A text by Juanma Velasco

You need 45 million euros

45 million euros is the amount that Atlético needs to balance its balance sheet. A figure that the rojiblancos hope to obtain without having to touch the key pieces of the squadwhich is why they are looking for a way out in the form of a transfer to players who have been on loan or to others like Beautiful and Lemar. Once that happens they will go to the market to the right side.

A text by David G. Medina

Losses estimated at 160 million

Barcelona seeks to balance its accounts in the last days before the balance sheet closes on June 30. The key will be to activate one of Laporta’s famous economic levers. The club finalizes an agreement for the sale of 10% of the television rights for 25 years. With that you will get at least 200 million euros with which you will have some profitsince it is estimated that the losses for this year were over 160 million euros.

A text by Luis F. Rojo

Sales worth about 25 million

The vice president of Betis, Jose Miguel Lopez Catalanrevealed in an interview last April that his club needed sales worth around 25 million euros before June 30 to avoid losses. With a very stagnant market in which the offers do not reach the amounts that the Verdiblancos expected to collectthe top managers of Betis prefer not to undersell assets and assume that for the second year in a row will close in the red.

Although his biggest concern today is resolve as soon as possible your gap with respect to the salary limit of LaLiga to be able to invest in new signings everything they enter and get out of the limitation that only allows them to spend one euro out of every four they generate, something that is seriously affecting their movements in the market.

A text by Miguel Á. Morán

A budget that will be around 60 million

In Cádiz there are not excessive economic problems today, beyond those of undertaking large-scale signings due to the low monetary potential when compared to other teams in La Liga. Cádiz knows that would have to carry out another capital increase or sell soccer players to climb the salary step if you want to close posh signings.

However, with the accounts cleaned up, the club chaired by Manuel Vizcaíno is in good health and you do not need any economic injection to close the accounts in the positive. Moreover, in a season marked by the pandemic, Cádiz closed with a surplus of 100,000 euros.

And in a recent report by Facts&Figures LaLiga and picked up by Palco23 it is said that the budget for this coming season will be around 60 million euros and that it has a debt at the end of last season of 11.8 million with financial entities, 5.2 with the administration and about 800,000 euros with sports entities, all within the allowed debt ratio in relation to total income. So much so that the annual accounts include a debt ratio (taking the club’s total income as a reference) of only 10%, well below what would lead to a possible situation of financial economic imbalance.

A text by Isabelo Bejarano

no need to sell

Celta does not have the urgent need to sell before June 30 to balance their numbers. Although the accounts have not yet been provided because the year has not been closed, they have been better than in the first year of the pandemic. The club from Vigo continues to boast of having an important economic muscle.

A text by Rafa Valero

no need to sell

Elche can boast of excellent economic situation. Unlike other First Division clubs, they do not need to sell players to balance their accounts. “Of the LaLiga clubs, Elche was the one that obtained the most net income last season: almost 13 million euros. At present, we are on a very good path, with more than two million in the first half”, boasted the franjiverde owner, Christian Bragarnik, last May. And in the face of possible interests in well-priced soccer players from the Elche team, such as Lucas Boyé and Johan Mojica, Bragarnik was blunt: “The club has no need to sell to anyone”. Of course, Elche will continue with one of the lowest salary limits in LaLiga Santander next season, although it will increase compared to the last one.

A text by Adrián Díaz

A forecast of red numbers: 8.9 million

Espanyol has already presented two players for next season: Brian Olivan and Joselu. Both professionals have arrived at the RCDE Stadium with the letter of freedom. The blue and white entity does not need to close transfers to make incorporations, but neither can it exceed much in expenses, since In the budget for this course, 2021-22, the entity foresees red numbers of 8.9 million euros.

A text by Mari Carmen Torres

With capacity for an important signing

With the sales of Marc Cucurella last year (18 million) and Hugo Hard (4 million) and Mathias Olivera (15) million this campaign, the azulones accounts are more than healthy. In fact, the Getafense club will be able to afford this summer to undertake a transfer of a significant amount to not having used CVC money last season either.

A text by Juancar Navacerrada

A capital increase and CVC give air to the club

On December 16, at a general meeting of shareholders, Girona approved a budget of 19.4 million euros with a loss forecast of 5.2. The people of Girona had agreed at the end of the 2020/21 campaign a capital increase worth 20 million to compensate for the losses generated, above all, by the collateral effects of the coronavirus and not being able to upload the 2019/20 course, only one year after losing the highest category.

In this forecast of losses, The Catalan club had the objective of improving income, something they have achieved thanks to their participation in the playoffs and the two full houses registered in Montilivi against Eibar and Tenerife -all subscribers paid their entry. That is why Girona does not have any urgency that prevents it from cleaning up its accounts immediately, since the recent capital increase and the agreement with the CVC, not initially computed in the budget, have given air to the club, which will return to First at the best possible time to further consolidate the project.

A text by Joel Sebastian

A fully healthy club for the 22/23 season

Mallorca is better than ever. After officially conclude the insolvency proceedings that began on June 8, 2010 and that for more than a decade forced the entity to cover a debt of more than 60 million eurosthe club is totally healthy for the 22/23 season.

After the incorporation of Paul Maffeo in exchange for 3.5 million, the Majorcans are willing to continue investing in transfers. All eyes are on Vedat Muriqifor which Mallorca wants to make an effort, but never reaching the 12 million purchase option that reflects in your contract.

Mallorca reaches June 30 without the need to raise money to balance accountsso they face the market with the aim of improving the team for, one more year, fight for permanence. It will be within the possibilities of the club, so no transfers will be made that are outside the economic possibilities of the vermilion.

A text by Juan Miguel Sánchez

Slight losses due to the reduction in television revenues

Osasuna is going to record slight losses this year. The reason? The red club is going to collect 2.5 million euros less in television income. However, the entity does not see the need to sell players to alleviate this aspect. Hence refer to the termination clauses of its footballers as they have expressed from the sports director, Braulio Vázquez, to the president himself, Luis Sabalza. On the contrary, and as part of his austerity plan, Osasuna is committed to strengthening itself with players for whom it does not have to pay a transfer, as long as no unwanted output occurs. This has happened with his, for the moment, only official signing: Ruben Pena.

A text by Gonzalo Velasco

No urgencies to sell in summer

The redheads closed the fiscal year 2021 with 7…


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