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There is belief LeBron James will sign 1+1 extension with Lakers

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Thursday, August 4 is the first day LeBron James is officially eligible to sign a contract extension to stay with the Los Angeles Lakers.

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The upcoming season will be the last year of his current contract, and there has been much speculation about his future with the team, especially since Los Angeles, in its current form, does not look like a championship contender.

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There have been many rumors that he could very well be gone next summer unless major changes are made, but lately the pendulum seems to have swung the other way.

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By using Lakers Daily:

“James is now eligible to sign an extension to stay in LA and he is reportedly going to sign one in some form with the Lakers.

“That’s why most people NBC Sports have spoken to in the league expect LeBron to sign some form of extension,” NBC Sports’ Kurt Helin wrote. ‘Eventually. He may well use leverage to send a message about lineup changes – though it doesn’t look like Rob Pelinka and company haven’t tried to bargain. [Russell] Westbrook – but at the end of the day, LeBron doesn’t come across as a guy who wants to get away from LA.”

“Helin explained that James has several options for a potential Lakers offer to extend his contract, and added that some sources believe he will prioritize flexibility in his deal.

“LeBron has three options to renew his contract with the Lakers:

“1) Ignore him, don’t sign him and be a free agent next summer.
2) Sign him for a full two years and lock himself into the Lakers until age 40.
3) Sign up for one additional year or one year with the player option for a second year (1+1).

“Option 3 leaves LeBron in LA, but with flexibility if and when Bronnie enters the NBA in a different market. Most of the sources NBC spoke to expected LeBron to take the third option – 1+1 – but he may be in no rush to sign it. There is no rush. And if it forces the Lakers to upgrade their roster, so much the better.”

Of course, there are a lot of Lakers fans right now who want James to leave as soon as possible, and they won’t like the news.

However, for better or worse, he represents the team’s only real chance of winning another world title any time soon, and if he signs an extension, the Lakers will at least have a little more time to give him and Anthony Davis elite secondary line-up. again.


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The story originally appeared on LeBron Wire.


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