They said it! Stephen Curry tops NBA quotes of the week

Stephen Curry pays tribute – and then not – and more from our NBA quotes this week.

“One thing about Russ… no matter what people say about him or how he plays, he competes… Every night he shows up and plays hard. It cannot be taught. It’s kind of a lost art these days. .”

Golden State Warriors defenseman Stephen Curry shows off Los Angeles Clippers defenseman Russell Westbrook respect

“I don’t want to be short, but no.”

Curry, with a little less respect, about he considers Warriors and Memphis Grizzlies will compete

“Honestly, I’m not really friends with anyone. On the court, this is not love. You just want to fight and try to win. Maybe after that you can shake hands.”

Los Angeles Lakers defenseman D’Angelo Russell on meeting old teammates

“People don’t even realize that it was a sign to everyone that he was a notch above 23… it was a shot at [Michael Jordan].”

Kevin Garnett on why Kobe Bryant chose to wear No. 24via Showtime Basketball


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