The Great American Shootout hosted their annual fall classic in San Antonio last weekend, and there was no better outlook in the gym than Josiah Moseley. A 6-foot-7 power forward from Round Rock, Texas, Stony Point High, Moseley is young for his class and quite experienced in the middle zone with a soft natural touch.

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He was at his best within 19 feet, where he was nearly unstoppable in isolated situations. Plus, Moseley has amazing arms, a solid motor, and doesn’t mind contact with a naturally strong body that really needs to expand in a college gym. Although he is a little short, he is very efficient, polished and productive.

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According to Moseley, since the beginning of the autumn recruitment period Colorado, Louisiana Tech, St. Louis, richmond, Sam Houston State, Texas A&Mas well as UTSA were in his high school during his athletic period. He also says Colorado as well as Texas two large major programs that did not offer but actively participate in its recruitment.

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“It was a lot of fun to have the coaches watching what my team and I do every day,” Moseley said. “A lot of them told me how I would fit in. Basically they talk about how they want me to be more dominant.”

He talked about several schools associated with 247Sports:

Colorado: “I’m talking to Rick Ray. He writes to me. They have a really good program. They have been sending me letters for about a month now. I have a good relationship with their coaches and I feel that we can achieve a lot here.”

East Carolina: “I’m talking to Nick Matson. They came to me and told me about their school. Their coach coaches a lot of NBA players and they think I can be really good if I go to their school.”

St. Louis: “They were the first school to offer me training. They hold a special place in my heart. Phil Forte came to the gym and showed love. I would like to play for them. Especially knowing that this was my first offer, it really means a lot to me.”

Texas: “I’m talking to Bob Donewald and a couple of coaches. They are friendly since I am in their backyard. I think my game for them would be very big because I would stay in the state and their fans would show a lot of love. It would be a really good experience for me to play for them.”

Texas A&M: “I don’t talk to them much, but Steve Roccaforte wrote me a month ago and we just started to build a relationship. He came to see how I was training and said that we had a really good training. He said that many other high schools don’t have the same level of practice as mine. It was really special to hear it from such a program.”

Moseley says he has yet to think about the timing of the decision due to how new the hiring process is still to him.

“It’s still fresh to me,” Moseley said. “I just started recruiting this summer. I didn’t think about visits, list cuts, or anything like that. But the main thing I want is to build a strong relationship with the coaching staff. This is the most important thing for me.”

Moseley, who received three stars, is ranked 32nd in the 247Sports junior rankings. With production continuing, Moseley has a real chance of breaking into the top 150 by next summer.