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It’s hard to find a player outside of the 247Sports Top 150 who has seen his squad expand. BJ Davis‘ did this summer. 6-foot 1, 170-pound point guard from Modesto, Calif. Davis has seen offers from Boise State, California State of Bakersfield, state of colorado, Nevada, be miss, San Diego State, UT-Rio Grande Valley, Washington, Weber Stateas well as Wyoming since June.

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“It was good for me to be where I come from,” Davis said. “Being a nobody a few years ago to add a few sentences to my name is nice. It pushes me even more to see what I can do.”

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This summer, offers have been pouring in right and left. Davis says Ole Miss, San Diego State, St. Mary’s and Wyoming are just some of the schools he’s considering visiting in the fall. He breaks down a few of these programs with 247Sports:

San Diego State: “They are near the house. I see this as an advantage. Obviously they have a good history of winning as they are always in the top 25 teams in the country.”

be miss: “I talk to their coaches almost every day. I’m talking to Kermit Davis and several of his assistants. Obviously, this is a massive program. They have a good history of victories and participation in a good conference. They are definitely at the top of my list.”

Wyoming: “I’m talking to Ken DeWeese. I love what they’ve done to their guards over the years. They’ve had great success and that says a lot about their program.”

Once he begins the process of visiting, Davis says he is looking for a program he can call his second home.

“I’m looking for a feeling of home,” Davis said. “I heard a lot of people talking about it, but I want to experience it for myself. This is what I’m really looking for.”

Davis says he hasn’t thought too much about cutting the roster or a final decision, but he says it could definitely happen sometime in the early fall season.

Davis, who received three stars, is ranked 24th in the 247Sports positional rankings.