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Three things to know: Doncic scores 30+ for ninth straight game, Mavs top Nets Anthony Edwards on 5-6 Timberwolves: ‘We just play soft’ NBA veteran Dwight Howard signs to play season in Taiwan Watch Stephen Curry drop 47 on Kings to end Warriors five-game losing streak Another game, another Blazers game-winner: Josh Hart corner 3 beats Heat

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Three Things is NBC’s five-day coverage of last night in the NBA. Verify Every weekday morning for what you missed the night before, plus the gossip, drama, and dunks that make the NBA a must-watch.

Just a note: There will be no Three Things on Wednesday morning because the NBA is taking Tuesday night off to encourage people to vote – so do it. Come out and vote. It is important.

1) Luka Doncic scores 30+ points in ninth consecutive game, Mavs lead the Nets

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Luka Doncic has improved in the last couple of seasons – in his first six games last season, he averaged nine fewer points than he did in April, with real shooting percentage below 50 – something that has hurt his MVP status.

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Not this season – he started the season at the level of Wilt Chamberlain (sort of). Arrival at the training camp from EuroBasket and with the creator of secondary throws Jalen Brunson Leaving for New York, Doncic took on more Dallas offense to start the season and excelled:

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On Monday night, against Brooklyn, Doncic lost 36, his ninth consecutive 30+ season-opener game.

Doncic now owns the second-longest season-opening streak of 30+ points in NBA history (like many other things in the NBA record book, it looks like Wilt Chamberlain ran the numbers in video games – he opened the 1962-63 season with 23 consecutive goals) ). 30+ nights).

In nine games, Doncic is averaging 36 points per game on 52.4% shooting, plus 8.4 rebounds and 8.3 assists per game. He hits the rim on 31.9% of his shots and completes 71.6% of them, breaking his ankles in the process. just ask Ben Simmons.

However, Doncic showed real improvement on short floats (63.9% of throws from 3-10 feet) and at medium distances (56.5% of throws from 10-16 feet). Doncic’s shooting numbers can only get better, he shot 35.3% of 3 last season but only 29.7% at the start of this season.

Doncic adds 8.4 rebounds and 8.3 assists, all with the highest utilization rate in the league of 39.2 – Dallas is leaning on his star like never before, and he’s carried the load so far.

Doncic and Kevin Duran – 26 points – put on a show on Tuesday night. Well, they did the first half, and then in the third quarter the game got kind of tedious. Doncic and the Cavs pulled themselves out of it in the fourth, thanks in part to 17 of Jeff Greenand they were victorious.

Doncic entered the season as the MVP betting favorite and lived up to the hype. This time without the slow start. What that will mean in May – both when the NBA awards are handed out and in the midst of the playoffs – remains to be seen, but Doncic is ready for a historic start.

2) Warriors have problems, but they also have Curry – his top 47 kings.

The Warriors are in trouble. They have the 27th most defensive position in the NBA. Their pivot to youth—the idea of ​​two time frames of “win now and win later”—proved to be a mess in practice. Jonathon Cuminga as well as James Wiseman does not match the invoice. Critical players such as Jordan Pool (30.1% of 3) and Clay Thompson (36% of throws overall) still find their chance.

But they have Stephen Curry.

Cold-blooded curry.

Curry plays at the MVP level and takes the Warriors early, losing 47 to the Kings on Monday night. Curry also grabbed eight rebounds and eight assists in that win.

Steve Kerr needs to find a way to reduce Curry’s minutes and workload – they need him to be rested and healthy in April and May, not a November burden – but until the rest of the team (and the defense) comes to his senses, Kerr will need to lean on Curry to win games. Like he did Monday night.

3) It was Josh Hartqueue for the winner of the game in Portland

It was two nights ago Straw Grant with the winner of the game for the Trail Blazers.

On Monday night, Portland appeared to be going into overtime after Miami. Max Strus hit a three-pointer in 6.2 seconds to equalize.

In Chauncey Billups moment of genius, he didn’t take time out, he trusted Damian Lillard make the right play – and that game was to find Josh Hart open in the corner.

Ball game.

Bye Anferny Simons had 25 points for the Trail Blazers, Grant had 23, and Damian Lillard came back from a calf strain to score 19 points. Justice Winslow the game. It was Winslow at center minutes that turned the game that Miami was struggling with, and thanks to Billups for trying this kind of smallball and sticking with it when he saw it was working rather than going back to his usual lineups. Those minutes turned the game around.

It’s another heavy loss for Miami, who led by a full 15 points in the second half but lost and fell to 4-7. The Heat had seven players in double figures, but that wasn’t enough on Monday.

Did Utah overtake Minnesota during their summer trade?

A few weeks after the start of the season, it no longer sounds like a joke. The Timberwolves went all-in with a big bet on the ground. Rudy Gobert and move to the top of the West, but after three weeks of the season, the Jazz lead the conference and the Timberwolves are in the middle of the group and under .500 (5-6).

What’s going on with the Timberwolves? Anthony Edwards there is an answer, and it is severe.

The Minnesota traded for Gobert to improve their defense, and it worked—not in the top five yet, as they hoped, but still in the top ten.

However, it left some odd details in the offense and coach Chris Finch has yet to figure out the art of the puzzle – the Timberwolves are in 22nd at this end of the court. Edwards made this clear by offering two big line-ups with Gobert and Karl-Anthony Towns caused the paint to overflow, making it harder for him to drive and score. Of course, Edwards himself is far from perfect in all this.

Edwards is young, confident and brash – this is combined with his attacking style of play. However, just like on the court, this combination of youth and attitude can lead to errors in confidence. Edwards is still learning to lead—and doesn’t always do it by example (see video above). The “we are soft” card is hard to draw, offends teammates, and needs to be played at the right time. Now may not be the moment.

It won’t get any easier for Minnesota, which hosts the Suns on Wednesday and then goes on a four-game trip.

Dwight Howard couldn’t find an NBA team to offer him a contract this season, so he went overseas.

To Taiwan.


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