Tiger Woods score: Danger of missing cut lurks after inconsistent Round 2 at 2023 Genesis Invitational

It is not yet known if Tiger Woods will be at the 2023 Genesis Invitational this weekend. Having turned a 3-over 74 in the second round on Friday, Woods continued his first round 2-over 69 from Thursday and finished 68th with 1 point. The 15-time Major champion finds himself at a predicted 1-point mark as the afternoon wave begins its second round.

“I didn’t hit well today, I blocked a lot of shots early and that’s probably the highest I could score today,” Woods said. “Probably I should have easily shot five or six times better than this. It’s just that I didn’t hit at the beginning and in the middle of the round when I had such opportunities. and obviously finished very badly too.”

Woods started his round with a pair of good birds on holes 10-11. Striking from 8 feet away on both holes, the 47-year-old missed a chance as the cold stick matched cold California temperatures early.

Ghosts followed on the next two holes as Woods dropped to par and was right inside the predicted cut line. Woods bounced back with a nearly ace on a par-3 on the 14th, but the real momentum came on the 15th when his par-pat from only 10 feet away hit the bottom of the cup.

Woods missed another birdie call from inside 6 feet on 16th, but made his way back 2-under completely with a birdie on par-5 on 17th. The stick began to cooperate in the middle section of its back nine, but unfortunately for Woods, this was met with substandard approach play.

Fresh off six straight pars, Woods teeed off the famous par-3 six under a bunker in the center of the green. By placing his second in the bunker, Woods converted a slippery 5-foot bogie putt to stay 1 under in the red numbers.

“Actually I was trying to hit the ball – my kick – to where JT [Justin Thomas] was, and the hill caught him more than I thought, and ended up in a bunker,” Woods said. – I mean, I tried to give myself a chance to make steam and, at worst, a scarecrow. So I actually had two bad wind approaches 6 and 9 and it cost me two shots.”

Another scarecrow came on the 8th par-4 that dropped Woods to par, and another on his finishing hole put him 1 over for the week. Late errors jeopardized his place on the field in the second half of this tournament, but given the difficulty of the Riviera on Friday, he should still be able to find time to play the weekend with some help throughout the remainder of the second round.


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