Todd Bowles: Hurricane relocation impacted preparation for Chiefs game


Buccaneers quarterback last week Tom Brady said the disruption caused by Hurricane Yang should not be an excuse for a poor performance against the Chiefs on Sunday night.

Tonight, Bucks coach Todd Bowles kind of used the hurricane as an excuse for the team’s poor performance against the Chiefs on Sunday night. Through, Bowles spoke about the impact of the storm in his weekly appearance on the Buccaneers radio network.

“Preparation, you know, is the most important thing. preparation and practice“, Bowles said. “You will play the way you practice. With all the movement this past week, I don’t think we prepared as well as we should have or as well as some people could. But preparation will be the key to this week.”

Bowles’ comments echo words of several players before the game, when Noah’s Ark brought family and pets to Miami, creating anything but normal conditions for the team.