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Tom Brady vs. LeBron James in a hockey shootout: GOATs discuss who would be victorious

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Tom Brady and LeBron James are two of the best athletes of all-time, both future Hall of Famers, both with multiple championships and that’s not to mention their impressive longevity. It is undeniable that they are among the top players in their respective games, but what if they were to compete against each other in a different sport?

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On Monday night, James wrote on Twitter, “Q&A folks???” prompting all sorts of questions from fans and other athletes. Brady tweeted a question, wondering, “You and me, 5 rounds, ice hockey shootout, who wins?”

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The NBA legend responded, saying, “me but barely. May be swinging from my knees though,” with laughing emojis.

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Let’s take a close look at how these two stack up in a tale of the tape:

Tom Brady LeBron James


44 (45 in August)






225 pounds

250 pounds




year designed

2000 (Patriots)

2003 (Cavaliers)

Notable previous injuries

MCL tear (2001), elbow sprain (2019), calf strain (2014), ACL tear (2008)

Right knee tendinitis (2006), back spasms (2013), sprained ankles (frequently in career), left knee swelling (2021)

They have different abilities, but given they are both high profile athletes, I do not think they would make a total fool of themselves on the ice. Hockey requires a very particular set of skills, so they would have no chance going up against someone in the NHL, but against each other, it would be very entertaining.

I agree with James that he would win, because I think his strength would translate better to hockey and Brady’s pliability methods would not be enough to get the victory, but I also imagine it would be close.


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