Top 100 Athletes Rodney Gallagher made major changes to his set, and now the decision will be made in three days.

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Instead of announcing his decision to attend college on July 4th, he will announce his choice next week.

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“I will commit May 25 (at) 3pm at my school,” he told 247Sports.

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Uniontown (PA) standout Laurel Highlands and No. 9 athlete on 247Sports told 247Sports that he is maintaining his top 8 in Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon, Pittsburgh, Penn State, West Virginia, Virginia Tech and Notre Dame.

However, the decision to announce his commitment next week changes his set a lot.

This means that he makes a decision before visiting Texas, Oregon and Oklahoma.

Last month, he made trips to Notre Dame, Penn State and Virginia Tech, and made several trips to Pittsburgh and West Virginia during his recruiting campaign.

He has official visits to Oklahoma (June 15) and Pennsylvania (June 17) and may pay an official visit to West Virginia on June 3, but those trips depend on where he goes.

Notre Dame made a big move with Gallagher when he visited the campus last month.

“I really like what they are building there,” he recently told 247Sports. “It’s going to be something special with a guy like coach (Marcus) Freeman.”

The University of Pennsylvania is as familiar to Gallagher as any school. He visited the campus several times, and his mother, who passed away when he was seven years old, attended the school.

He was on campus late last month to get a full tour of the school.

“My thoughts on Penn State have definitely changed,” he said after the visit. “I had to walk around the entire campus and see what I wanted to see.”

Earlier this week, he was at Virginia Tech and met with a coach Brent Pry and host coach Fontel mines.

“I know (Pry) well and he’s a great guy,” Gallagher said. “I like Coach Mines and their scheme is very good.”

Closest to home is West Virginia, which is 30 miles from his school and a place he frequented regularly.

“They have a head coach (Neil Brown) I really like it,” he said recently. “He cares about my future and I appreciate that.”

Pittsburgh, which is 50 miles north of Laurel Highlands, is also considered a hometown school, and he likes the coaching staff there.

A dynamic athlete who also received offers from basketball before announcing he would focus on college football, Gallagher played quarterback last season and threw 104 of 179 passes for 1,365 yards and 12 touchdowns and rushed for 1,130 yards and 21 touchdowns. He also made 30 solo tackles, intercepted five passes, and averaged 22.1 yards on nine punt returns, one of which he scored a touchdown.

He became the 13th player in WPIAL history to throw and run for 1,000 yards. His 33 full touchdowns (passing and running) set a school record.