Few players in the class of 2023 have started the school year more actively or seen their recruitment skyrocket like four stars. Cameron Carr.

A 6-foot-4, 4-year-old combo guard from Link Branson’s Academy, Missouri, who started out in the summer with MoKan Elite, Carr received rave reviews from everyone who attended his game in the fall. With the move of London Johnson to the class of 2022 and the G League Ignite program, the 2023 spot has been opened up, with Carr recently ranked 87th overall by 247Sports, and this could be the start of a big winter. get up.

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He is tall, technical, athletic and has a good sense of what the coaches like about his game.

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“Probably my assets and my physique,” ​​Carr told 247Sports. “People always say that I have pretty decent broad shoulders and long arms. People look at it and think that there is a side to my body that stands out, and of course my ability to throw the ball.”

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Carr had a relatively small enrollment after the summer, but things picked up quickly as he visited Kansas State, Louisville, the Northwest, Tennessee, and Virginia over the past few months. He was even approached by NBA players to talk about the programs they played on.

“Of course it was a blessing, but it was also a process,” Carr said. “It all seems to have passed very quickly, which in fact it does, because it started not so long ago, really like the last two months or so. I just take advantage of all these opportunities and try to find out as much as I can about every school that has hired me.

“During these visits, I like to analyze things to see what I like and what I don’t. Also, the way they talk to me and how I connect with the coaching staff and the players is the most important thing that got me hooked.”

Carr summarized each of his visits.

Kansas State: “I really enjoyed my visit and coming home. It was fun. I enjoyed every moment of this visit. Something I learned during the visits is that the energy of each school is different. In training, the energy was different from team to team. Their energy was very outgoing. The players had to bring energy and that shows what needs to be worked on. If you’re not busy training, you sort of stand out. I enjoyed their practice, I enjoyed it all.”

Louisville: Coach Payne has always been very positive and talked about how they’re basically going to take steps forward and that they don’t know how fast it’s going to happen, but he knows it’s going to happen. I respect that and I respect his vision of what it will be. My dad played withDanny Manning) in Phoenix, he was one of my father’s veterinarians.”

Northwestern: I liked their coaching staff because I really had a connection with that coaching staff. They took the chance to really get to know me and show me everything and I really had the chance to get to know the head coach. It was really cool.”

Tennessee: I love Coach Barnes, I love their coaching staff. They are all funny and love to joke and there was not a single dull moment during this visit no matter what was going on. I liked being around their guys. They are all like-minded and they all want the same thing and really want to succeed. I respect that a lot.”

Virginia: “Everything was low key and I enjoyed the visit. It was fast, fast, I saw what I liked and what I needed to see. I didn’t see things that I didn’t like and I really needed to get a full understanding of how things work there. I really needed to build a good relationship with Coach Bennett, he actually called me last night and we talked a bit. Then it was great to communicate with their coaching staff, with the players too. I had to spend time with them, we went bowling and I had to bully them a little.”

Although the hiring process was a whirlwind and happened quickly, Carr is confident enough in his abilities to make a decision early.

“I’ll be talking to my family about this in the next couple of days,” Carr said. “I want to come up with questions that you can ask head coaches and come up with a definitive answer.”

Asked if he had one question that would be most important to answer before making a decision, Carr said he was working on it.

“Actually, I don’t think I have this issue yet. Relationships are something I’m going to be really great at. In addition, any school can best prepare me to move to the next level, and any school can help me form the right habits to stay at the next level.”