Washington – Dennis Parker, 6ft 6in from Richmond, Virginia John Marshall, had a busy first weekend of school in June. At the moment, Parker is currently prioritized by the states of Oklahoma, Mississippi, Georgia, Georgetown and others.

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“I showed the coaches that I was improving my jump shots. It was shaky throughout the year and even at some tournaments, but I showed them that I can stay locked up, stay focused and get back into my rhythm.”

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Parker talked about his relationship with Georgetown and the state of Oklahoma.

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Georgetown: “Coach Nick and Patrick Ewing came to me and it meant a lot, especially from Patrick Ewing. He is a legend and I am grateful for this opportunity.”

Oklahoma State: “I’m planning to visit Oklahoma State soon, possibly late summer or late fall. Coach Larry Blunt and I have been in constant communication since the beginning of last year.”

Parker has no timeline for a decision at this time and hopes to arrange visits in the near future.

“I would say that I don’t understand the hiring process too deeply,” he said. “I’m still open to it. I look forward to visits, both formal and informal, to see college campuses. My decision will not come soon, perhaps during the school season.”