Most high school sophomores would be thrilled to have averaged 15.2 points, 4.4 rebounds and 6.2 assists to lead their team to a 16-3 record. Elsie Harrington doesn’t get mad at himself, but he also feels like he could do more and he’s working on understanding his game before focusing on his set.

Nationally ranked 12th in 2025 by 247Sports, Belflower (CA) combo defenseman St. John Bosco was fairly honest in his performance when asked how he’s feeling this season.

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“Honestly, it’s been ups and downs,” Harrington told 247Sports. “I had some really good games, and there were some so-so. I was trying to figure out how I could consistently dominate throughout the game and not take breaks.”

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A defender of good height and build, Harrington is a natural scorer who performs best when he plays confidently. Right now, he’s working to ensure that the hiccups don’t interfere with him or cause other glitches in his game.

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“When I’m in the game, I can hit the ball, pass the ball, get deflected and rebounded, that sort of thing,” Harrington said. “But I’m also just in my head. It’s like I miss, or I get a loss, and I get a charge, or something like that, and I think about it.

“This season I have struggled to shoot. To be honest, my shot was off target, so that was the biggest thing I’m working on.”

So far, Harrington has been on the UCLA and USC campus and those are two of his offerings, while others like Arkansas, Stanford, and Texas are among the ones to reach out to. His family is closely connected to the University of California at Los Angeles, but he tries to be open.

“Whoever shows interest, I look at them, but they are cute, I like them,” Harrington said. “They just emphasize that it’s in Southern California, that it’s close to home, and they have everything there. It’s the best program and they did a great job with March Madness.”

However, the fact is that Harrington really doesn’t think too much about his recruitment. He will have plenty of time to do this in the future, and he is confident that by first figuring out himself and his game, other things will take care of themselves.

“At first I’m just trying to sort myself out. I think everything else I want will come. I think relationships with other recruits and coaches will be the most important thing for me. all this is important. I just want to do what it takes to get to the next level after college.”