Lathan Somerville, a 6-foot-9, 225-pound power forward who plays for Atlanta, Georgia. The Skill Factory is starting to open his kit. Sommerville is ranked 136th in the national Top150 in the junior class and has plans for the future.

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“The season is going well and we played well and together,” he said. “Personally, I feel like I’ve been playing at a high level lately. I’m just trying to be a leader and my recruitment is starting to pick up a bit.”

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“Many coaches write and call, and I really like it.”

In terms of hiring, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, Penn State and Western Michigan are among the programs involved in Sommerville’s recruitment, he told 247Sports.

“I visited Purdue and Georgia Tech several times, but haven’t done anything else lately,” he said. “I plan to visit Missouri and Rutgers. Those are the two I’m planning right now.”

Sommerville spoke about his relationship with Rutgers and Missouri.

Missouri: “I really like Missouri. I like their coaches and we have a good relationship. They want me and think I fit in well with their offense.”

Rutgers: “I really like Rutgers and I have a good relationship with his staff. They often call and text, so I plan to sort them out soon.”

For now, Sommerville is in no rush to make any decisions, but knows what he’s looking for in the program.

“Right now I’m just enjoying the process and will consider all options,” he said. “I’m starting to watch, to really get into each program, to see how they run offense and how they run their program in general.”

“I will be looking for a school that plays tough, has a winning environment, is competitive and likes to lead/get the ball to its big balls.”