One of the toughest two-way players in the country, Carl Cherenfant he made the final seven in LSU, Memphis, Mississippi State, South Carolina, St. John’s, UCF and USF, he told 247Sports.

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Ranked 112th overall in the class of 2023, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., 6-foot shooting guard Calvary Christian is proud of how his game has progressed and loves what schools see in him.

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“I feel like I have greatly improved my perimeter skills playing basketball, playing no rebounds and no rebounds,” Cherenfant told 247Sports. — I like this progress in attack. Adding this offensive material to the defensive and transitional abilities I bring was great.

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“Many schools look to me for my two-sided ability. They like the way my game has grown in attack and they like the way I’m defending. In general, they like my versatility.”

Cherenfant has already made official visits to Memphis and St. John’s and will next take part in UCF on September 1st. He is working to capture more visits and has discussed each of his top seven.

LSU: “They were in Murray State and Matt McMahon actually loved me there before he got LSU so the transition was easy. Also, coach Cody Toppert was in Memphis and he recruited me there too. We talk all the time about how I can play in transition and how I can play and defend. Several positions and how they like to rise and fall. They think it will bode well for me in college and maybe help me turn pro.”

Memphis: “What stands out is how seriously they take their craft. How seriously Penny Hardaway about your program, lead it in the right direction and win games. I talk to those staff all the time, they preach to me that my versatility is what their program focuses on and how I can help them in so many ways. (Penny) is professional about everything they do there. Obviously, he had a good NBA career that probably didn’t work out due to injuries the way he wanted, but damn it’s all professional.”

State of Mississippi: “They are grinders there and work hard. They had a lot of success in New Mexico State and just pulled away from playing there in the NCAA Tournament. They really let their guards play. It’s like I was just watching some movie and they let their defenders play, they play hard defensively and they’re great people there.”

South Carolina: “They see themselves as undervalued and undervalued, and they see me that way in my class. They see me as an underrated guy who is always going to put in the work and may not get credit for some of the things he does but works day in and day out. It’s a great vision to start a program no matter what conference you’re in and they’re hard at work there and they’ve been on me and I’m going to visit them soon.

St. John’s: “The first thing that catches your eye is New York. I love New York and it’s really cool to be in such a vibrant environment. They are family oriented and they really work hard in everything they do, be it practice, studies, schoolwork or anything else. They’re just hard-nosed and dirty people, and that sets the tone for everything they do, and their system crushes, destroys, rises and falls, and it’s a good system. Mike Anderson there is”.

UCF: “They hurt me a lot, and in the last couple of months they’ve really started to understand that, and when I go to college, they’re going to the Big 12. So they talked to me about how I’m the perfect Big 12 quarterback for them to start with the year they leave. They like my defensive abilities and how I can create an attack for myself and others, so I want to go higher. It’s a public school, so I want to see what they have.”

USF: “They’ve been crazy about me ever since the touring period ended. I’m talking to the coach Brian Gregory and coaches Rowe on a full-time basis, as well as other members of their coaching staff. The freedom of play and how they let their defenders show off and then they like what I do on both sides of the ball and they think I can play with the ball in my hands. That would be a good place to look.”

After his visits, Cherenfant doesn’t think it will take him too long to make a decision, and in a few months he should be taken off the list.

“I will make a decision before November, so maybe by mid-October I will be ready to make my decision,” Cherenfant said. “I’m looking for people who are family oriented, people I can trust, and people who fit into the program and system that will put me in the right position to do it. Also, how can I come and contribute to the victory.”