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Top 150 senior Kevin Patton Jr. open as he waits until the spring signing period


In the transfer portal era, high school players are under more pressure than ever to sign early and secure a spot. Kevin Patton Jr. does not feel such pressure and decided to bet that he will open the doors for himself with a strong season.

Patton Jr. is currently ranked 142nd overall in the class of 2023 by 247Sports. It’s the long and sprightly Temecula (California) small forward Rancho Christian who believes he will open his eyes and doors to new opportunities this season.

“I just believe that after a season like this, a season we plan to do as a team and a season that I plan to do individually, I will have more options,” Patton Jr. told 247Sports. “I just wanted to see what could happen at the end of the signing period.”

Patton Jr., who played with Dream Vision during the summer

definitely looked the part when 247Sports watched him just over a week ago at the Battlezone event in California. He showed versatility, vertical takeoff as an athlete, and he was productive without leaving his team’s system.

“I am someone who tries to contribute in many ways. I rebound, I play defense, I can score. and a stable player you can rely on.

“Defensively, I would say I can defend multiple positions, but really getting down and making sure I can actually defend bigger centers and slide with defenders is an area that I can improve. Adding strength is another thing I can work on.”

Patton Jr. made an official visit to Santa Clara during his junior season, so he can still make five more official visits if he wants to. He recently made an unofficial visit to San Diego and mentioned Arizona and Washington as other states of greater interest.

Arizona State: “They have a culture that they think I might like, and they have a great schedule because they are seniors. They are focused on that and that they have the guys they put in my position in the past.”

San Diego: “It was great. It was a very good campus. I saw them train, they treated me well and it was a really nice informal visit. This is a new staff and they want to grow.”

Washington State: “It’s the same as (Arizona State) when they talk about schedules and conferences. They also think that I’m the kind of player they can really develop and grow with.”

When it comes down to it, Patton Jr. is just looking for a chance. He is focused on the long term and just wants to earn some playing time.

I would say it’s all about the form. In shape and also looking for opportunities to play. I have to say that this is just an opportunity to potentially play and work for a place. Get well”.

Source: 247sports.com