Top 20 senior Dennis Evans commits to Louisville

Louisville Basketball Program and Kenny Payne rose on Sunday.

Top 20 Seniors Dennis Evans from Riverside, California, Hillcrest devoted himself to Payne and the Cardinals during an official visit.

Evans, the seven-footer recently released from his letter of intent with Minnesota, said he found what he was looking for in Louisville.

“I fell in love with the staff and the campus during the visit,” Evans told 247Sports. “This is the best place for me to grow as a student, player and person.”

Evans, one of the most intriguing players in the 2023 class, has significant growth potential.

Arguably the best rim guard in all of college basketball, Evans is an elite blocker with amazing instincts, timing and length that he uses to his advantage. Even when he doesn’t block shots, his presence on the court completely changes how opposing teams deliver their attacks.

While he still needs to add weight and get a stronger base, Evans has filled out his shoulders and is turning into a powerful lane player. He has improved his ability to run across the floor, developed a reliable hook throw, and is also developing the ability to face the rim and consistently jump from mid-range.

Evans is the third respected student in the Class of 2023 to choose Louisville. He joined the four star forwards Caleb Glenn And Curtis Williams alongside outstanding elementary student Coron Davis in a class now ranked in the top 15 in the nation by the industry’s 247Sports Composite Team Rankings.


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