Top 20 senior Dennis Evans requests release from Minnesota

A tough 2022-23 season in Minnesota just got a little tougher for the top 20 seniors. Dennis Evans requested an exemption from his letter of intent.

Evans is ranked 18th in the class of 2023 by 247Sports. He is a 7’1″ center at Riverside, Calif. Hillcrest who was expected to come next season and provide more shot blocking as he builds up. his body and worked on his crime. Now he plans to look elsewhere.

Sources close to Evans confirmed to 247Sports on Friday that Minnesota will grant his release request and that the release paperwork should be completed by early next week.

Adding a seven-foot player like Evans to the list of available players is interesting and makes him the highest ranking senior on the available list. According to those closest to him, Evans will need some time to step aside, figure out what he needs most in a new school, and then develop a plan of action to find a new place in college.

Evans is an elite shot blocker, a big southpaw who has made huge strides in the last few years. He is still improving his mobility but has made some serious strides as an attacking player and is sure to generate a lot of interest.

247Sports last saw Evans live in December at the Tarkanian Classic and walked away with that sighting.

“After traffic jams in Vegas during rush hour, we arrived within minutes of the warning. As we walked through the door, the 7-foot-1 big man made a contested hold to explode for a dunk. Shortly after he blocked a shot, he then blocked some more, cleared the space and, after being hacked and hung by an army of smaller defenders who rallied around him, took over when he needed to finish with an 18-point triple-double, 12 rebounds. and 11 block shots (on his staff) These numbers are exactly what we unofficially tracked down on him, and no matter how you cut it, big man from Riverside, California, Hillcrest delivered.

It was only a month or so ago that Evans continued to showcase his progress in Cali Battlezone, and as he has taken each step along the way over the past 18 months, he has shown more positive progress since we saw him in last time.

Evans comes out of his shell on the floor and continues to be one of the best guys in the class. With a wingspan of 7ft 7in and almost 9ft 8in in the standing position, he looks impressive at the ring, absorbs tons of space and corrects any shot he can’t block.”

Prior to heading to Minnesota, TCU was the most active school in Evans’ recruitment, while others including Kansas State, Florida, and San Diego were involved.


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