When J’wen Williams transferred to Penn State in early February, he was highly priced, but his stock surged in the spring and then during the first two months of his senior season.

The Reading, PA prospect from Wyomissing is now No. 4 on 247Sports in offense and No. 24, the highest ranked player in the Nittany Lions class, and is looking forward to playing in the All-American Bowl on Jan. 1 . 7 in San Antonio (NBC).

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“I’ve heard all about how fun it is for some recruits and such, so I know it’s going to be amazing to experience the game,” said Williams, who is 6’4″ and weighs 285 pounds. “Just a game, just to see so much talent on one field, I’m really looking forward to it.”

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Williams’ selection for the game was commemorated on Wednesday with the presentation of his jersey. He really wants to be in it, but there isn’t one key part he’s most looking forward to.

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“I can’t say that I really define anything,” he said. “I just look forward to the overall experience. I just hear so much. I’m talking to (Pennsylvania running back) Nick Singleton and his parents, and they say they enjoyed the experience. I know I can’t wait. My whole family will be there and I really want to have fun there before I go to college.”

This college, Penn State, was an easy choice for Williams.

In the fall, he was offered and visited the campus several times. He eventually moved to the Nittany Lions on Feb. 5 and has returned to campus time and time again, including last week’s White Out victory over Minnesota.

“It was amazing,” Williams said. “I remember it was so much fun getting offers in the hiring process, just counting them, seeing ratings go up and all that.

“And then it got to the point where I kind of knew where I wanted to go, so I just wanted to visit a couple of other schools. So I visited Pitt and Rutgers. I knew where I want to go.

“I go there as often as possible just because I’m two hours away. And I have so much fun. My family, my teammates, my friends, we all love it there and it was the best place for me. continue.”

When Williams goes to games, he soaks everything up.

“I’m just looking at the linemen,” he said. “I learned a bit about their scheme from all the coaches, attending meetings and things like that.

“It’s nice to see that everything interacts in some way, but also to see the environment and who will support me in a couple of years. from other commits that I’m going to take to the field and just watch the game. This is amazing”.

Before hitting Penn State in January and before playing in the All-American Bowl, Williams wants to finish his senior season with a state title.

Wyomissing went undefeated or unbeaten in nine games — 9-0, seven games ended by countdown — and getting into the state championship game is Williams’ goal.