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GLENDAL, Arizona. – One of the top 25 ranked players in 2024, Carter Bryant was one of the most visited players at Section 7 last weekend. Shortly before the event, the coaches were finally able to contact him directly.

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No wonder the 6-foot-7 small forward in Fountain Valley, California, had his phone on fire.

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“I think I woke up the next day with 18 calls and texts,” Bryant said.

“Arizona is quite actively recruiting me. Missouri is pretty active in recruiting me, Kentucky, USC, UCLA, Oregon and a lot of Pac 12 schools.”

A big winger with good athleticism, Bryant is comfortably placed, rebounds well and has a good jump shot, especially when he catches the ball on the move and shoots in rhythm. He has already been to Arizona several times and said he hopes to visit each of UCLA and USC before the end of the month.

Arizona: “I’m grateful for the offer. I am the only 2024 player they offered and I am grateful that Coach Lloyd and his team trusted me to give me the opportunity to play in their program. There was no filing, it’s just a family, and it will be like at home. They don’t embellish, if you play badly, they will tell you that you played badly. They won’t tell you this or that to get you there, they’ll tell you directly.”

UCLA: “They just told me they like the way I play. They love all my intangibles and they love what I do. They would just like to invite me to campus, dig a little deeper into my mind and introduce me to my family.”

USC: They were very similar. They just always told me, well, I have a good relationship with Coach Mobley, so they always told me they put out strong defensemen, big ones and forwards. They had Evan Mobleythey had Isaiah Mobley, Drew Peterson a lot of experienced, tall ball handlers who can do everything on the floor.”

Bryant is now enjoying the process and hopes July will be a good month for coaches to watch him again. He enjoys the attention from the coaches but makes sure everything is in perspective as he progresses through the process.

“I was always taught that you keep working, whether you hear the coach or not, you just keep pushing. I am very pleased to receive calls from coaches, and I begin to see that my work is paying off.