Andrey Stojakovich (Photo: Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images, Getty)

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Andrey StojakovichNo. 21 on the 2023 Top150, he has narrowed his list to six schools, he told 247Sports.

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Finalists for the son of former three-time NBA All-Star Pei Stojakovic include: Duke, Oregon, Stanford, Texas, UCLA and Virginia.

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Small forward from Carmichael, Calif., the 6’6″ Jesuit, weighing 185 pounds, met with 247Sports to discuss his finalists, his plans for the future and when he plans to enter the fight.

Duke: “I talked to the coach [Jon] Shayer and trainer Lucas to her about a month. Trainer Lucas to her had a chance to see me play when he was with the Kentucky staff and then he moved to Duke and spread my name throughout the school and Coach Scheier saw all my films from the spring season and I talked to him for almost a month, and he just proposed to me.”

Oregon: “Trainer [Kevin] Mckenna and coach [Dana] Altman joined my set quite early, I would say, compared to how it happened throughout the entire live period. They kept in touch with me and came to visit me at home. I’m just looking forward to a possible official visit in the fall.”

Stanford: “Trainer [Jerod] Haase, coach [Rob] Ehsan and coach [Jesse] Pruitt, they’ve been talking to me for a long time. It was great to stay in touch with them and you can’t go wrong. I would immediately go and contribute. Coach Haase mentioned that he wants the program to become elite in the next couple of years and we will have a potential top class if we get all the guys we want.”

Texas: “Trainer [Rodney] Terry and coach [Chris] Beard recruited me, and Coach Terry mentioned that I was the priority when it came to hitting triples. I look forward to continuing to build relationships with them, chat with them every week, and visit them in the fall.”

UCLA: “Trainer [Darren] Savino and coach [Mick] Cronin had a lot of contact with me. We had a great time visiting. Trainer [Nate] Georgeton and Coach [Ivo] Simovich, getting to know them throughout this process was great and just a UCLA tradition. It’s close to home. Be that as it may, in my opinion, it does not matter that the proximity to home, this particular school with all the traditions and history that it has, is a kind of surreal conversation with them.

Virginia: “Trainer [Tony] Bennet and Coach Kyle Getter recruit me. This is an excellent academic school, a few years ago they became national champions. I got a chance to talk to Kyle Guy as well as You are Jerome who were on the national championship team and it was great to get to know them. I’m also looking forward to visiting them in the fall.”

Now that Stojakovic, one of the top scorers and scorers in the class, has cut his roster down to six, he knows what next step he wants to take in the process before making a decision.

“In addition to continuing to build relationships with the staff, just going to visits that I haven’t been to and honestly seeing what feels right to me when I’m there,” he said of the next step in his recruitment. “I feel that each school brings its own pluses, but I also look for what minuses they have for my process. All six are great choices, all six have an amazing history when it comes to accomplishments and players who have made it through the programs, so I’m looking forward to getting on campuses and seeing what happens.”

Of the six finalists, Stojakovic made only two official visits to UCLA and Stanford. He also made one unofficial visit to St Mary’s, but when it comes to the other finalists, he’s working on getting more official visits.

“I don’t have exact scheduled dates, but I have contacted all six schools and all four that I didn’t attend have sent me numerous dates to track and possibly in September and early October. ” he said.

Stojakovic had numerous spring and summer job offers from Indiana, Tennessee, Kansas, UCLA, Florida, Kentucky, and LSU, among others.

It may be difficult for these young athletes to deal with a breakthrough of this magnitude, but Stojakovic feels good in the position he is in now and has a time frame where he would like to put an end to this process.

“Right now, I feel like I’m in a much better position than I was when the live period started,” Stojakovic said. “I feel good about making the decision right before the early signing period. I spoke to many players in my class, interested and uninterested, to see what they were up to in terms of possibly joining these six. schools. I will continue to enjoy the process and see where it takes me.”

So, as he continues to develop these relationships and visit campuses, what is he looking for that will ultimately push one school over the edge?

“Obviously, the basketball tradition at all six is ​​great, a place where I can come in and immediately contribute to the victory,” he replied. “I’m proud of the school with the academics and the thought of what’s to come after the basketball life.”