Wing Top 25 Honey Roots the number of his staff increased as on June 15, college coaches were able to contact him directly. The 6-foot-7, 200-pound small forward from Cumberland, Maryland Bishop Walsh has heard from Miami, Longwood, Virginia Tech, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Georgetown, Maryland, and more.

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“I showed coaches that I am a leader, I am articulate, I can play defense, create my own shots and get shots for others,” he said. “I’m just trying to play my game and they’ll see what I’ve done.”

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Roots spoke about his relationship with Maryland and Virginia with 247Sports.

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Maryland: “They want to invite me to another social event with the new lineup and talk to me a bit. I’m going to watch them this year and see how they play. I want to see how they push the ball at half-time, what sets they throw, how they play defense, how much freedom the player gets and stuff like that.

Virginia: I don’t know much about Virginia, but I had a good conversation with the coach about my game. I need to visit down there, I’ve never been.

While it’s still very early for Roots to recruit, he knows what type of system and what he’s looking for in a program.

“I pay attention to how coaches interact with each other as staff, what kind of environment they create for their players and whether it is like a family.”

“I need a system where I can get away quickly at halftime, have a bit of freedom, play like a man, and if we have to hit a set, run a set to get a fast bucket,” he added. “Really, where can they let us play basketball.”