Top 50 Defenders Devin Hobbs recently completed his recruitment and he will announce his selection on Friday at 17:00.

Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan, Ohio, and North Carolina are finalists, but picking one school proved to be more of an ordeal than concord (North Carolina) prominent representative Robinson had anticipated.

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“It was very difficult,” said Hobbs, who is 6’4″ and weighs 277 pounds. “I never expected it to be so difficult. Everyone offered what they could offer. I have good relations with all schools. I know some people in schools. It’s just hard to say no to any particular school. “

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Hobbs, who is No. 5 defenseman and No. 38 on 247Sports, said his decision is outside of football.

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“Pretty much the relationship with the coaches: the quarterback position, the head coach and even the defensive coordinator,” Hobbs said. “Then only the environment, for example, the campus and everything that is not related to football. All teams have good football programs, so I looked at things outside of football.”

Hobbs shared his thoughts on his finalists:

Alabama: “This is Bama. They sent a lot of people to the NFL. I like the coach (back line) (Freddie) Roach, the way he coaches. I’m very close to (right ends) trainer (Joe) Cox. was at UNCC, I talked to him a lot, and it just carried over when he went to Alabama. The way they function there, it looks like all people are one. It’s like one big car.”

Georgia: “I had a good relationship with Coach (Defensive Line) (Trey) Scott, Coach (Kirby) Smart, Coach Koop (Director of Recruiting Relations David Cooper) and all of them. I like what they told me and how they use their d-ends. They are always a consistently good team, winning games by dominating their opponents.”

Michigan: “I love how Michigan uses their crosses. What I especially like is how (back line) coach (Mike) Alston uses his crosses, how they get up can get back into coverage. I love how they fit together. it’s a lot. I like how they use their members. I like their scheme.”

North Carolina: “This is (defense line) Coach (Tim) Cross, Coach Mack (Brown), this is the North Carolina team playing in the state, and I can really represent UNC.”

Ohio State: “I love the coaches, the environment and the feel of the campus. We looked at the facilities and everything.”

Tennessee: “They are having a really good season coming back from the regular team. They are back on top and have good momentum. I like Coach G (Defensive Line Coach Rodney Garner), coach (Josh) Hupel. I like the way they treat. I might be versatile there. They could use me not only on the edge, but also through the defensive line. I like that.”