Manvel (TX) security guard Jamari McDowell committed Bill Self and Kansas.

McDowell, a 6-foot-4 adult ranked 42nd on 247Sports nationally, joined the Jayhawks for several reasons.

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“The history of the program, the resources and the ability to play before was a big deal,” McDowell told 247Sports. “Coach Self and Coach Case haven’t recruited me the longest, but I’ve been comfortable with these guys and I know they believe in me. I feel this is the best option to help me reach my goals.”

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In the spring, Self won his second national championship in Kansas, and the energy that McDowell felt after that did not stop him from making a decision.

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“The National Championship is a big event,” McDowell said. “When I went there for a visit, it was like a different type of energy and they were still spinning. I was a guest about three weeks ago and the fans were still in awe of it, it was crazy. The atmosphere, I really liked it and I can’t wait to get there.”

Currently listed as a shooting guard, McDowell is a long and agile backcourt player who can play one, two or three times as Lawrence. He’s a great passer, makes clutches and has plenty of room to build muscle. He also plays to win, and when asked what made him the guy who should have been in Kansas, he thought that trait helped.

“Intensity and heart, it’s basically a mental thing,” McDowell said. – It’s not a lot of talent because everyone at this level has the talent, but not everyone has the will, so I think that’s what it was. I’m talented and I can do everything on the court because I’m a talented player, but I feel like that’s how I played the game, passing the right ball and playing it right every time.”

The second player to travel to Kansas from Texas in the class of 2023, McDowell joins a summer teammate. Chris Johnson A Houston quarterback in a class that would move to 16th in the All-Stars. He is happy to join his friend, knows that Kansas wants to add at least one more guard – the main remaining goal Elmarco Jackson is currently away — and wants to help win another title.

“He’s my boyfriend and we talked about it a bit,” McDowell said. to have some fun, we look forward to winning another championship.”

Just six months ago, McDowell was a relatively unknown two-star prospect, and now he’s one of the top 50 players heading to Kansas. It was a crazy trip for him, for which he is very grateful.

“It’s really crazy and I just thank God,” McDowell said. “As we approach spring and summer, I really thank these guys, these coaches from Sam Houston State and Lamar. I appreciate these guys; they were the first to see it. I guess God did it and of course I put in the effort, but it’s crazy how it all works, the people I met were the perfect match to get me to where I am today.

“Also, my parents helped me a lot and my circle helped a lot too, it’s a great group of people around me who pushed me to this position so I thank all of them.”