Top 15 Defenders Xavier McLeod just visited LSU and Georgia and will be paying an official visit to Michigan later this week.

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These are the top 6 schools on Camden Avenue, South Carolina.

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“Not in (any) order, but LSU, Georgia, Texas A&M, Florida, Michigan and South Carolina.

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At 6’4″ and 324 pounds, McLeod is #13 on 247Sports defensive line and has made his fair share of unofficial visits, including several trips to Georgia and South Carolina, as well as unofficial trips to Texas A&M and Florida. . . The trip to LSU was his first official trip, and Michigan was his next.

McLeod ranked each of his top six schools:

Florida: “Florida is one of the best visits, but it was professional. I’ve figured out where I stand and how I can influence the program I can play in and it’s good to be aware of these things because you’re not trying to feel unwanted in a school environment. or the environment, so I try to be as comfortable as possible and be myself as much as possible.”

Georgia: “Georgia National Team Coach (defense) (Trey) Scott is a hard-working coach and he definitely puts guys in the league who want to work hard for it and get things done. He’s a great guy outside of football and we’ve had a really good relationship ever since. actually the second season.”

LSU: “LSU is a good program and I think I can fit into the scheme and start playing earlier and have an impact on the game there. It’s the same with all the schools I deal with.”

Michigan: Michigan worked hard to get me nominated, and they fought me hard in the recruitment process.

South Carolina: “The home school has an advantage. You will always be loved in your hometown and I think Coach (Shane) Beamer really builds the program and it’s a good environment to live in.”

Texas A&M: “It’s a great program from all sides, ahead in terms of defense, and I already know where I am with them, so I’m happy with what I heard. “