A good mix of offensive and defensive performances highlights this week’s top 247 players from last weekend’s games across the country. Two elite running backs from Texas football school joined three quarterbacks — one each in 2023, 2024, and 2025 — and several talented defensemen from several different states.

Readers will find commitments to Louisville, Texas A&M, Alabama, USC, Georgia and Oregon in the next set of 10 noteworthy efforts. As we always want to point out, the Top 247 Outstanding Members feature is just a sample of the top 247 prospects’ outstanding individual results across three classes: the 2023 Top 247, the 2024 Top 247, and the initial 2025 Top 100 Watchers list. of the year. With that said, we present this week’s 10 honorees, ranking first in the 2023 Top247.