Folsom (Calif.) receiver Rico Flores named his top three on Thursday.

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In the process, he also set his announcement date

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Flores named a final three of Georgia, Notre Dame and Ohio State.

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He will announce it on Sunday, July 3rd.

Flores broke down his final three.

Georgia: “Georgia remains a top contender because of their business schooling and also the environment. I love the feeling of being in the south and I know if I go there, I’d be playing in the SEC, going against NFL ready type of guys Coach BMac (Bryan McClendon), he’s a straight up type of guy and really transparent. I can see us two getting along real well. Athens was great. I was surprised about the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAthens. It wasn’t how I thought it was going to be, meaning that it was more city-like than what I was thinking it was going to be.”

notre dame: “Notre Dame remains a top three contender because everything it has to offer. For example, life outside of football you are going to be set up with so many connections throughout the country so as a Notre Dame grad, you know that you’re going to have people willing to help you out in any state. Also, what they do in football. They’re always a top contestant in the college football playoffs and the staff there is amazing, everyone literally. For coach Stuck (Chansi Stuckey) , he’s just a real dude. For real, me and him can just get on the phone and chat it up for a whole hour and it doesn’t even have to be about football. He’s such a cool guy. It’s not a 4- year plan but a 40-year plan.”

Ohio State: “Ohio state remains a top contestant because of literally everything it has to offer. Me knowing if I go there, I’m going to get developed by the best and be around the best. Ohio State makes me feel like family there all around and their offensive staff, just what they’ve produced throughout the years. The university is great with what they offer.”

Flores had already visited Ohio State and Georgia this spring, and he’ll hit the road next month for his first official visit.

He will officially visit Notre Dame on June 10th.

Rico Flores Scouting Report: The 6-foot-1 190-pound verified athlete is built with a college ready body as we speak. He has a good muscled up and defined frame. He is able to generate good explosiveness by the way is built with a powerful lower body. He is wide up top in the shoulder and chest area. He has ample length and features a solid overall physical make-up. Flores is a player that has 2-ways snaps that feature this athletic ability, change of direction, agility, physicalness and toughness. He is sudden off the snap of the ball where he uses his quickness to create immediate separation from the defender. When he is being defended in off-coverage he is able to get the same separation with a knack for dropping his weight and getting out of his break quickly all the while being physical at the top of the route. Once the ball is in the air he does a nice job attacking the ball at its high point. Soft hands are something you see often when the ball is coming his way. While he isn’t a burner he brings a toughness and physical running style after the catch that adds some yac. He uses a change of pace release on his deep vertical routes to gain a step on the defensive back when his hand-eye coordination takes over on the deep ball and he makes those tough catches. Very comfortable going across the middle and into traffic to make the tough plays where he knows the defense is waiting to make a play. Playing both on the outside and the slot his is comfortable lining up and being productive at either spot. Even though he isn’t a burner he understands leverage, runs good routes and uses his size to shield defenders for the ball. He is also more than adequate in the run game as a blocker where he shows up. The way he plays the game and with a good overall profile he should provide instance depth and have the ability to play on special teams. Still has room to fine tune his overall game once he is in college to become a power-5 starter. Closing out his junior year with over 1100 yards receiving and 11 touchdowns, he produced at a high level as he helped lead his team deep into the playoffs.