Wide receiver Top247 Tyler Williams could have “announced” his commitment live on 247Sports’ YouTube channel on Tuesday night, but for most of the last two months he knew Georgia would be the place for him.

“They really showed me everything I needed to see from a general perspective – education, the gym, on the field, off the field, life after football. That’s where I feel like I can be the best,” Williams told 247Sports when asked why UGA.

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Williams, who was ranked 20th in the nation in the class of 2023 by the 247Sports analyst team, was in Athens on an official visit back in June. And while Miami has tried to keep things interesting in recent weeks, he claims to have feelings for the Bulldogs since he had the opportunity to spend some time with the reigning national champions.

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“Arian [Smith] and Adonai Mitchell are the two guys I interacted with the most,” Williams said of his visit. And then there are the guys that I talked to in the NFL. Like Isaiah Mackenzie. They just let me know that [Georgia] there was a place for them, and when they entered they felt it. I feel it too.”

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Williams also turned out to be a big fan of UGA assistant Brian McClendon.

“He’s a real coach,” Williams said. “When he came to Miami, I was the first person he proposed to. When he came to Georgia, I was the first person he proposed to. So, I really feel like he’s on me. I actually feel like I’m his best boyfriend.”

Williams is the first basketball player to actually start his football career as a quarterback and then move to Lakeland, Florida, where he moved to the wide receiver role. As a junior, he only caught 20 passes by learning the route tree, but he’s off to a good start in his senior season and has quickly become a Friday night playmaker.

“I am the perfect athlete. I don’t even consider myself a receiver because I do so much for the game,” Williams said, noting that he also scored in the return game.

At 6’3″ and 200 pounds, Williams is still very raw from a technical standpoint, but there’s no question he has some tools to work as a backdrop with embellished rings (he once reported a basketball offer from Coast University Gulf of Mexico in Florida). gives him excellent spatial perception and allows him to play football.

Some wonder if Williams will take advantage of his fifth and final official visit after also touring Clemson, South Carolina and Texas A&M during the summer months, but that doesn’t seem to be the case as he intends to sign early with the Bulldogs and join to the program. in January.

“I think I’m done,” Williams said. “I found my home.”

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