Trade deadline grades for every NHL team: Who aced it and who bombed?

The NHL trade deadline has passed, and with it, Stanley Cup contenders have a chance to be in the best position to achieve the highest sporting goal this spring.

There has been no shortage of moving superstars this trading season – in fact, Bo Horvath was traded between being named an All-Star and participating in the South Florida festivities. The trade for Horvath to the New York Islanders was followed by deals with the St. Louis Blues that sent Vladimir Tarasenko to the New York Rangers and Ryan O’Reilly to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Timo Meyer moved to the New Jersey Devils. Jacob Chichrun found a new home with the Ottawa Senators. And Goal Goal Champion Jonathan Quick was dealt twice: first to the Columbus Blue Jackets, and they sent him to the Vegas Golden Knights.

But not every team made additions this spring; some have looked forward to this summer and beyond as they rebuild their next iterations of the rival.

In any case, developing a coherent plan and sticking to it is what we have expected from league general managers this trading season. Here’s a look at all 32 teams, from those that made it to the ones that failed.

Note. Kristen Shilton managed the Atlantic and Metropolitan teams, while Ryan S. Clark managed the Central and Pacific clubs. Teams are listed alphabetically by letter score. Statistics are collected from sites such as Trick with natural characteristics, Ice Hockey Directory And Evolving hockey.

Source: www.espn.com

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