Eric Carabelle ranks players by the value of their fantasy football trading through the end of the 2022 season each week until the fantasy football trading deadline (Noon ET Nov 30, 2022). Use this information to suggest or evaluate trades and optimize the players on your bench for their future potential. Eric’s top 100 can be found below the positions in this column.


Rating changes: Fantasy managers should wait until the 2023 season to see if San Francisco 49ers youth Trey Lance can be a solid QB1 option. Lance broke his ankle at the start of Sunday’s game and unfortunately his season is over. The efficient and largely underrated Jimmy Garoppolo, who has finished in the top 20 fantasy quarterbacks over the past two full seasons, is back in the QB2 range once again. Garoppolo is not a star, but as with the 49ers, the fantasy manager can win with him.

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Otherwise, we’ve ditched Tom Brady and Seattle’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers starting lineup… mmm, sorry, Denver Broncos starter Russell Wilson in the overall rankings, but not in his position. First, we believe that the situation will improve with the relevant offenses. Second, who deserves a raise? It seems premature to push Miami Dolphins rookie Tua Tagovailoa into the top 10 after Sunday’s majestic performance, even though he’s beating out veterans Derek Carr and Kirk Cousins. Tagovailoa is not yet in the Brady-Wilson range.

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Trade for: Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson looks like an MVP candidate again, and one could argue in favor of Philadelphia Eagles star Jalen Hurts. These guys run away. They pass LA Chargers star Justin Herbert, who is still great but also slightly hurt. The cost of acquiring Jackson and Herts can be exorbitant. Brady and Wilson seem like smart targeting options, and they should cost significantly less. “Safe” quarterback levels might stop at Cincinnati Bengals star Joe Burrow (#7 in QB) for now.

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Be careful: Tagovailoa will face the Buffalo Bills in Week 3. It’s not that he couldn’t hit six touchdowns against the Bills, but we also have to remember his quiet first week against the New England Patriots. We need to see more. A trade for Washington Commanders starter Carson Wentz remains a risky one, as he has proven inconsistent in the past while New Orleans Saints (currently) starter Jameis Winston is injured. Multi-QB and SuperFlex players should invest in backup Andy Dalton, as well as rookies Kenny Pickett (Pittsburgh Steelers) and Malik Willis (Tennessee Titans). Every starter matters. Perhaps they will start soon.

On the way back

Rating changes: Detroit Lions star D’Andre Swift and Cleveland Browns star Nick Chubb performed well, albeit at very different volumes, because Swift battled injury and each moved safely into the top 10 positional. Injured St. Elvin Camara drops out and injured Arizona Cardinals star James Conner transitions to RB2 mid range, his week 3 availability has yet to be announced. James Robinson is by far the best player on the Jacksonville Jaguars RB team and he is climbing into the RB2 safe range.

Trade for: Indianapolis Colts star Jonathan Taylor seemed to be hampered by the resentment surrounding him in a disappointing week 2, but we know his talent. He showed it in the first week. Find it for sure. Don’t worry about Buccaneers starter Leonard Furnette and his tough performance. It’s not that he lost touch. Pittsburgh Steelers star Naji Harris has scored well and looks safe again. Can both Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon be traded? Why not? It doesn’t look like Aaron Rodgers has found any wide receivers he likes.

Be careful: We are again cautious about the possibilities of NFC East. So many wanted to nominate New York Giants star Sakwon Barkley for top 5 status after his dominant week 1, but then came week 2. The Carolina Panthers held him back. Washington’s Antonio Gibson averaged 2 yards per rush, although he scored. Tony Pollard definitely looked better than Ezekiel Elliott for Dallas. Miles Sanders from Philadelphia looks amazing, but he has looked amazing before. Just be careful in this section. Also, San Francisco’s Jeff Wilson Jr. played well against Seattle until he sat out most of the second half, but he’s not solid and doesn’t play a role in the passing game. It wouldn’t come as a shock if Marlon Mack stepped out of the training squad and started next month.

wide receiver

Rating changes: The first mistake to be corrected was moving Detroit Lions star Amon-Ra St. Brown to the WR1 group. He just keeps on shining and showing he’s legit. What is his mileage! Miami’s Jaylen Waddle is returning to WR2 status, as is Chargers star Keenan Allen, who may return to active duty soon. Christian Kirk of Jacksonville is also safely in the top 20. Rookies Drake London and Garrett Wilson are moving into the WR3 range and we’re sorry if you’re dealing with the disappointing Darnell Mooney of the Chicago Bears, although that may not be entirely his fault.

Trade for: It’s not that you wouldn’t trade for them anyway, but LA Rams star Cooper Kupp and Minnesota Vikings star Justin Jefferson are now in the top two spots overall, passing the Colts’ Taylor. Time to invest in Bengalis Jamarr Chase and T Higgins before Joe Burrow and the attack fix everything that’s wrong. In addition, the Colts’ Michael Pittman Jr. missed Week 2, but his quadriceps injury is not considered serious. He will get all the desired goals when he is healthy.

Be careful: The Waddle’s value may never be higher, but we also can’t expect Miami’s passing offense to do so regularly. Good for Cleveland Browns starter Amari Cooper and the new Ram Allen Robinson II, but they’re still more suited to WR3/4s than certain fantasy starters. It’s the same with Seattle’s Tyler Lockett, whom the fantasy managers parted ways with a week ago. Also, fantasy managers tend to overestimate newcomers, so bidding after London, Wilson, and Chris Olav can cost too much.

tight end

Rating changes: It remains a mystery why the Atlanta Falcons don’t throw more Kyle Pitts, but he maintains a high rating here. Four catches for 38 yards in two games is not enough. Stay with Pitts and consider trading for him. Stay with George Kittle of the 49ers and hope he plays soon. These guys are in the overall ranking. Gerald Everett of the Chargers, Logan Thomas of the Commanders, and Tyler Conklin of the Jets are moving forward and look like reasonable big-league candidates. We apologize to Mike Gesicki of the Dolphins for assuming he was done. Not so fast! If we assume that both Patriots (Hunter Henry, Jonna Smith) commit suicide, will they bounce back? Wait, that’s not how it works?