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Trae Young, Bradley Beal seen as Team USA locks, Joel Embiid possible Watch Klay Thompson get ejected after words with Booker, ref, Suns’ bench NBA, players union team up to promote respect of players, referees, fans Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, Herb Jones all out for Pelicans Tuesday Report: Brooklyn Nets last in NBA in season ticket sales

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It looks like Trae Young has a good chance for the first time in his career to get into the US team.

After being rejected in 2019 and 2021, Trey and Bradley Beal are considered castles to play for their country in this summer’s World Cup in the Philippines, according to an article from Joe Vardon of The Athletic.

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Young has a good relationship with Grant Hill, a minority owner of the Hawks and the new managing director of Team USA. With Hill and Steve Kerr at the helm, playing for the national team won’t require years of commitment from stars, which should help them get more interest from older stars.

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Team USA finished seventh at the 2019 World Championships before narrowly winning the gold medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. It might be easier for them to field a team of former gold medalists like Jason Tatum, Devin Booker, Bam Adebayo, Chris Middleton as well as Zach LaVine when they go to play in the 2024 Paris Olympics, but the World Cup can be difficult.

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Beal, who has played in the Olympics, has not yet played in the World Championships, which seems to be an additional motivation for his participation, despite

“I have never had the opportunity to participate in the World Cup. As long as I’m healthy, uninjured, and have a place on the team, yes, I’ll probably be there in the Philippines.”

-Bradley Beal

Vardon cited several other young stars who could be on Team USA. This list includes Tyrese Maxi, Desmond Bain, Jordan Pool, Darius Garland, Jarrett Allen, The Jackson Jr. as well as Zion Williamson as guys who have a real chance to play because of their physical condition, connections or previous experience with the team. Vardon also mentions some other possible young shooters such as I am Morant, Lamelo Ball, Anthony Edwards, Scotty Barnes as well as Evan Mobley and more experienced player like Donovan Mitchellplayed at the 2019 World Cup.

Then there’s the X factor. The superstar, who gained citizenship in both France and the US over the summer, could lead countries to recruit his services. Joel Embiid‘s decision could affect the landscape of the Olympics.

For Team USA, it’s not just about bringing Embiid’s superstar talent into their roster. It’s about preventing France from fielding Embiid’s roster, Rudy Gobert and Victor Vembanyama.

Team USA is always in a good position to compete for the gold medal, but assembling a roster in this new era of the country’s basketball will be critical to maintaining their place as the top team in the world rankings.

For the first time in his 651-match career Clay Thompson was eliminated from the NBA game.

Thomson and Devin Booker went back and forth against the best two teams in the West – a game that was within 10 points in the middle of the third quarter – and these words continued after the mini-Sons series increased them to eight. Both received technical penalties for their jaws, but the normally calm Thompson lost his temper, continued to bark at the Suns and referee Ed Malloy, and earned a second T and a suspension.

Thompson will write a check to the league for the fine he receives after this departure.

Thompson had the day off, scoring just two points on 1-of-8 shooting, plus he missed all five of his 3-pointers. This added to his frustration.

The Suns pulled away after Thompson’s bailout, using that momentum to take a solid lead in the fourth quarter.

Booker, who started this season brilliantly, has 25 points on 7-of-15 at the time of this writing.

NEW YORK. The NBA and the National Basketball Association have announced a plan to encourage more respectful behavior in basketball, even among the youth.

Many organizations, including the National Basketball Coaches Association, the National Basketball Referees Association, and USA Basketball, are also involved in the Respect for the Game initiative.

The NBA has been using the term with players for nearly two decades, hoping for a more positive interaction between players and referees.

In June, NBA referees denounced violence against officials in other sports, including a coach punching a 72-year-old umpire at a youth baseball game in New Jersey (the umpire required surgery due to a jaw injury) and the player’s death. El Salvador official attacked after ejecting a player from an amateur match. Many refereeing groups have also condemned cases where fans or parents lost control of their emotions during games.

“Respect and dignity are core values ​​of both the NBA and the NBPA,” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and NBPA Chief Executive Tamika Tremalho said in a joint statement. “As the new NBA season begins, we reaffirm our commitment to fostering healthy and respectful relationships among players, coaches, referees, fans, and parents throughout the game.”

The NBA and NBPA have said they will work with youth basketball organizations to include “Respect for the Game” in their leagues. Junior NBA events will now feature participants who make a commitment to respect others and the game, the league said.

The NBA’s “Respect for the Game” policy was introduced in 2006.

The New Orleans Pelicans will be a little less fun against the Mavericks on Tuesday night.

Three starts – Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram as well as Herbert Jones – all with different injuries.

Zion suffered a “hind thigh bruise” from a bad fall when Jordan Clarkson blocked his dunk attempt in the transition. Zion has spent the last eight minutes against the Jazz since falling and will now miss at least one more game.

Williamson is averaging 22 points and 6.7 rebounds per game this season.

Ingram left the Jazz in the first half after being hit in the head and is now on the NBA’s concussion protocol.

Jones pulled out with right knee hyperextension. His knee injury came at the end of an overtime loss to the Jazz, and he recovered it at the time. He is not expected to be away for long. Jones will…


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