Trojans Wired women’s basketball podcast before USC’s NCAA Tournament

USC women’s basketball team will play in the 2023 NCAA Tournament and that’s the most important thing. However, the Trojans’ loss in the Women’s Pac-12 tournament to Oregon State was a tough one. The Trojans continued to shoot badly. They committed too many fouls and conceded too many free kicks in the fourth quarter. They’ve fallen into a number of traps they’ll need to defend against when they play in the NCAA Tournament.

USC has several major strengths, and Trojans have shown that when one or more of these strengths are not fully exploited, their other weaknesses can cost them dearly. Head coach Lindsey Gottlieb and assistant coach Beth Burns have a lot of work to do before USC returns to the Big Dance for the first time since 2014.

Stay tuned for the full coverage of the women’s hoops, in addition to our coverage of the USC men’s basketball team during March Madness.

Ian Hest produced the show:

Pink bowl 1932!

Former Tulane coach Bernie Bierman may be the greatest CFB coach no one knows about.

The story originally appeared on Trojans Wire


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