Tua Tagovailoa: “Very thankful” Dolphins protected me from myself

dolphin protector Tua Tagovailoa did not play in the last three games of the season after suffering a concussion against the Packers on Christmas Day, and until early February he was not removed from the concussion protocol.

On Friday, Tagovailoa discussed this time period for the first time. He said the long time between the head injury and the release was partly due to how the Dolphins handled the situation.

Tagovailoa said he didn’t start the protocol process until after the Dolphins’ season had ended with a playoff loss to the Bills, and that he was thankful the Dolphins protected him from his own desire to play at a leisurely pace. with what was. his second documented and possibly third concussion of the season.

“Regarding the concussion protocol, I think the team made me the biggest service in all of this,” Tagovailoa said via Mackenzie Salmon of USA today. “They never let me get through the protocol properly until the season was over. That’s why it seemed like it took forever, but they were just protecting me from myself. Both me and my family are very grateful to the dolphins. But it did require a lot of effort, such as running, eye and vestibular movements, balance, proprioception, and the like. I went to the doctor in Pittsburgh, got rid of him, and then I had to take a written test, memorization.

Multiple concussions have raised some questions about Tagovailoa’s playing future, but both the Dolphins and Tagovailoa’s parents have said the plan is for him to return to the field in 2023. Tagovailoa confirmed this during a conversation with Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon, saying that he has “all information that I need to move forward” as a player.


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