Matchday 3 of the Champions League group stage is over and fans have a lot to talk about and look forward to. After an exciting third round of games, we asked our writers Sam Marsden, Gabe Marcotti and Julien Laurens to answer some of our burning questions.

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What caught your attention in the third round?

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Marcotti: Napoli thrashed Ajax 6-1 away, and another team few expected to be perfect at this stage: Club Brugge, who have yet to concede a goal (bow, Simon Mignolet) . Erling Haaland of Manchester City continues to score. This is really news, isn’t it?

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Lawrence: What caught my eye was that we only saw two away wins in the Champions League this week, but they were incredible. Firstly, the demonstration of Napoli in Ajax and the humiliating result. Apart from Manchester City, now no team plays football better than Luciano Spalletti’s wards. The second is Borussia Dortmund in Sevilla (4-1), where 19-year-old midfielder Jude Bellingham scored again, scoring a special goal with the captain’s armband. Sevilla boss Julen Lopetegui knew before the start of the match that he would be sacked and replaced by Jorge Sampaoli, but still took charge of the team after a terrible send-off.

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Marsden: Surreal scenes at Sevilla, where Lopetegui took credit for the loss to Borussia despite knowing he would be sacked after the game, and at Club Brugge in particular their striker Ferran Uetgle. The Belgian team scored nine points out of nine after beating Atlético Madrid 2-0. Jutgla, who joined Barcelona’s B team in the summer, scored one goal and set up another, doubling his goal and assist in this season’s competition. Just four years ago, he played against Atlético Madrid in the Copa del Rey for Sant Andreu, who play in the regional fifth division of Spanish football. On Tuesday, he put Atlético in real danger of an early exit from the Champions League.

Can Barcelona make a difference?

Marcotti: Of course they can. In a 1-0 loss to Inter Milan, they didn’t play very well and landed only two shots on goal, but they had no luck with refereeing. And they have two of their last three group games at home. But I think they should beat Inter at the Camp Nou because you don’t want to go into the last game without having control over your destiny, especially as you assume Bayern have already qualified when they host Inter “.

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Lawrence: Tuesday was so disappointing for Barcelona in terms of result and performance that they could do better at home next week. We will see a very different Barça, one that doesn’t just aimlessly pass the ball, but one that involves striker Robert Lewandowski more. Will that be enough, especially considering all the back injuries? Probably no. But at least you expect Xavi and his players to give themselves a chance to beat Inter… which they didn’t do on Tuesday.

Marsden: Barça have shown enough losses to Bayern and Inter to suggest they might. This is a very different team than the one that was knocked out of the Champions League in the group stage last season. Increasing injury problems, especially in defense, could derail them, but I still see them as the favorites to get out of the group with Bayern. The key game is Wednesday’s matchup against Inter at the Camp Nou. Win this and they’ll get back behind the wheel and finish second, although it could result in a tiebreak.

What is your favorite goal in the group stage?

Marcotti: Oleksandr Zubkov’s volley for Shakhtar Donetsk against Real Madrid. It was a very good shot and a very good goal. Was it the best goal of the tournament or even of the night? No. But this gives me a reason to mention Zubkov and Shakhtar. Here is a guy who came through the ranks at Shakhtar, actually from Donetsk, made his debut at the stadium where the Euro 2012 games were played, and now turned into a pile of rubble due to the war in Ukraine. This is a guy who left Shakhtar for Mariupol crushed by the war. And then he moved to Ferencváros, Hungary, played there, settled there, and when the war came and the outflow of players from Shakhtar began, he decided to return and play for the club of his childhood. I know a lot of people have “war fatigue” – trust me, it’s much worse for Ukrainians – but this story needs to be told.

Lawrence: I will choose Karim Adeyemi’s goal for Borussia Dortmund at Sevilla. Not because of the goal itself, because it is a touch, but because of the incredible participation of Youssouf Mukoko shortly before. His first touch back sombrero is simply the most sublime thing you’ll see this week. He deserved the goal (his shot was parried by Yassin Bunu on Karima Adeyemi) only for the great touch that led to the goal!

Marsden: It’s hard to choose one of the Wednesday games, let alone the group stage. The efforts of Bellingham and Lionel Messi immediately come to mind, as well as goals from Kylian Mbappe and Alejandro Grimaldo earlier in the previous weeks. But I’ll go with the man of the moment: Haaland. The Manchester City striker’s goal against Dortmund was not the most aesthetic, but he marked many other moments: a late winning goal in a tight game, a goal against his former team, an incredible pass from Joao Cancelo; and Haaland bending his body into a near-impossible position for someone 6ft 4in to allow him to karate the ball into the net.