The University of Connecticut received a commitment from Jaden Rossa late-blooming forward from the Team Melo EYBL program who announced his decision in an exclusive interview with 247 Sports.

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“It’s one of those things, I was away and everything just made sense to me. It’s just a place where I would like to be,” Ross said. “I have a lot of relatives there that I really couldn’t see, and I feel like it’s a good fit for my studies. The opportunity to get a degree from the University of California is something I want to take advantage of.”

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“I feel like I have a good relationship with the coaches, Coach Hurley and Coach Murray. I’ve had a great time with them and the system they play seems to work best for me. All their players are great people, great people. I had the opportunity to talk to some of them and they all seem so happy to be there. They really produce. I feel like this is the best chance for me to become the player I want to be. You can only see the players they have placed in the NBA and the games they win, national championships. Everything is fine. It’s hard to deny.”

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Ross started his high school career as a 5’8″ freshman but has grown to 6’7″ over the past two and a half years.

He received his first scholarship offer in April as a sophomore, just as the world of grassroots basketball was making a comeback, but his enrollment first started to go high at last year’s EYBL Finals at the Nike Peach Jam.

One of the first coaches to take notice was Hurley himself, and the Huskies have followed him ever since.

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Unlike most late players, Ross’ best basketball is clearly yet to come. He gives glimpses of what’s to come – stretching the track with long strides, moving up for smooth pull-ups, and competing at the defensive end of the court – but it’s not a finished product yet.

However, there is a clear basis for a versatile forward capable of playing and defending multiple positions in the future, already a scoring threat at all three levels, a good overall understanding of the game and how to operate within a structure at both ends. gender.

It is physically possible that it is still growing. Even if not, he’s clearly still just growing into his body after growing so fast in recent years, and yet it’s already exceptionally smooth and fluid.

How does it fit

Ross joins Stephon Castle become the Huskies’ second potential player in what is expected to be a big recruiting class in 2023 as UC has several returning players expected to attract NBA interest next year, including Andre Jackson, Jordan Hawkinsas well as Adam Sanogo.

Ross and Castle have multiple positions, so they provide flexibility as Hurley and his team continue to develop the rest of the class. Ross should be able to play both forward positions as he continues to fill out, while Castle is versatile enough to offer minutes in all three positions on the perimeter given his combination of positional size and playmaking abilities.

UConn also targeted Solomon Ball, Scotty Middleton, Tyson Chatmanas well as Isaiah Miranda among others in the class of 2023.