Round Rock (TX) Stony Point four-star Cameron Cook gives TCU a talented running back in the 2023 Horned Frogs set class. Cook, ranked in the nation’s top 20 runners by 247Sports, impressed at a slightly shortened junior season in the fall of 2021 and then at elite camp in the spring.

Cook recently ended his senior campaign and posted his best high school record with 1,589 yards and 20 touchdowns for 9.35 yards per carry in 10 games. Although his passing opportunities were limited, Cook converted those chances by throwing eight catches for 141 yards and one touchdown.

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At 5’10” and 180 pounds, Cook ended a 24-game college career with over 3,300 scrimmage yards and 34 touchdowns. Here’s an updated 247Sports scouting report on Cooke, whose on-field performance is combined with proven sports data that should contribute to great long-term potential.


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Adequate height and a frame that looks and plays larger than the tested size. Demonstrates driving strength and the ability to finish above size on paper.

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Best saved for last with a strong senior season (9.3 years, 2+ TD per game). Good performance compared to 24 games of varsity sample size: 120+ yards per game, 8.4 years on percentage.

Constantly exhibits reassuring natural instincts of running away. The patient has good vision. Knows how to press the line of scrimmage and give linemen time to set up blocks/lanes.

The senior year showed a particularly improved rate of nuance change. Explosive enough to create sharp and sharp jerks while patiently approaching second gear before hitting the gas.

Fast in an ice hole and when dodging defenders at the second level and above. Sudden, effective jump cutter. Able to combine movements in an open field, including contractions and rotations.

Not a true top burner, but fast enough to hit a home run. Excellent in the first 20 yards and on top of that it provides ample top speed.

Owns a multi-sport profile, including long jump and relay races. An excellent combined bodybuilding test that provides valuable context.

Gaining momentum often and can squeeze the target more consistently in anticipation of contact. Sometimes becomes happy on the second level. Sometimes outperforms faster defenders.

Legitimate top five/high-end runner with physical tools and functional athleticism to excel at the college level. Could be a multi-year starter with the potential to achieve NFL Draft status.