Jalen Hale, one of the top recipients in the 2023 Top247, is expected to announce her college enrollment on Wednesday at 1:00 pm CDT from Longview (TX) High School. Hale made September official visits to Alabama, Texas, and Texas A&M, in chronological order. In June, he made official visits to Georgia and USC.

Hale, ranked in the top 75 of the Top247, received close to three dozen offers during his hiring. The 247Sports crystal ball only shows one prediction to date. This forecast came to Texas in mid-July.

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Hale has played four games this season in his usual playing style. The 6-foot, 185-pounder caught 14 passes for 290 yards and four touchdowns for 20.7 yards per reception to help No. 1 Texas Class 5A Division I Longview reach a 4-0 record. Hale finished 2021 with 50 tackles for 1,154 yards and 14 touchdowns, having started this fall with over 2,000 receiving yards.

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Below is 247Sports’ updated intelligence report on Hale. If you’re looking for a comparison of players, there’s a former Dolphins rookie among those with similarities. Eric Ezukanmagiant veteran Darius Slaytonand rookie Browns Michael Woods II.


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Of good height and length, with a lean, athletic build. Size 6-1 or a little higher several times, with a large wingspan. The frame can hold more mass as needed.

Participation in three sports at the collegiate level. An experienced basketball player who has gradually developed the ability to complete the ball on an open floor. Significantly improved athleticism with hoops in the junior season. In his second year, he showed decent results in the 200-meter run and in the long jump.

Plays even above the specified size in controversial situations and after the catch. Height, length and vertical explosion contribute to winning the ball and danger to the red zone.

Wire strong with good running power after grip. Demonstrates superior body control and body strength that shine in the air and through contact balance. A fluid engine whose movement patterns aid this equilibrium.

Demonstrates excellent timing and concentration skills, whether it’s jump balls or tracking deep balls. It is especially dangerous to return to the ball, whether by design or on tossed passes. Shows a useful ability to save his quarterback.

The strong performance in the second and junior seasons continued through the first half of the senior campaign. Demonstrates short to medium consistency and large juice.

Kickoff and early acceleration look better, helping to get through corners faster. Plays with an unorthodox gait that coincidentally aids in catching run efficiency but can complicate movements to maximize surprise; this will increase route running efficiency and overall explosiveness. Good frame, but a bit narrow core so you need to add mass.

The combination of physical tools, functional athleticism, a tri-sport athletic profile, and on-field context ensures simultaneous high-level performance with promising development potential. Projects as a multi-year high-major starter who could eventually become a top-half candidate in the NFL Draft.