Budapest, Hungary. Caleb Dressel’s World Swimming Championships ended with just two gold medals from Budapest.

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USA Swimming withdrew its male star swimmer from competition for unspecified medical reasons on Wednesday.

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“He’s just not ready to compete right now. And so we just had to make that decision. It had to be a quick decision,” US team manager Lindsay Mintenko told reporters.

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Mintenko said that she could not clarify the reasons for Dressel’s departure, but he could decide to speak about it himself. She refused to say if it was a mental or physical problem. Dressel was in good shape.

He was eliminated from Tuesday’s semi-finals in the 100 m freestyle and it was not clear at the time if he could continue. He was also scheduled to race the 50 freestyle and 100 butterfly later in the world.

“Obviously he has a lot of activities ahead of him, so it was a quick decision that we made together with him, our medical staff and coaches,” Mintenko said. “This is the right decision, especially for Caleb’s long-term health. And that, ultimately, is what we are here for, for the health of our athletes.”

For 25-year-old Dressel, a seven-time Olympian, this is a big blow.

“Kaleb worked very hard for this,” Mintenko said. “Every time you come to the World Cup or any big competition, international competition, and if you can’t compete, it’s very difficult. And so we’re just going to do it every day. We have a wonderful team. here with us. We’re doing great and looking forward to the next few days.”

Dressel’s teammates responded Tuesday by adding three more gold medals to bring the team’s score to 10. On Sunday, he took gold in the 50 butterfly, the day after helping the United States win the men’s 4×100 freestyle relay.

“It’s nice to get the first person [gold] out of the way,” said Dressel, who did not know that this would be his last tournament in this competition.

Also on Wednesday, Australian swimmer Shayna Jack broke her arm in practice during a warm-up for the morning’s 100m freestyle and will miss the rest of the competition.

Jack, 23, helped Australia win gold in the women’s 4×100 freestyle relay on Saturday and silver in the 4×100 mixed relay on Tuesday.

Hong Kong’s Siobhan Haughey, an Olympic silver medalist in the women’s 100m, also withdrew on Monday with an ankle injury.

Australia’s Molly O’Callaghan was the fastest in the 100 qualifiers in their absence, followed by Canada’s Penny Oleksiak, USA’s Torrey Haske and world record holder Sarah Sjöström.

Four-time Olympic medalist Chad Le Clos pulled out of the men’s competition on Monday. The South African revealed on social media that he had struggled with breathing for the previous three weeks “due to several episodes of bronchitis”.