Matthieu van der Poel pleaded guilty to assaulting two teenage girls on the eve of the World Road Racing Championships, and the Dutch cyclist was convicted and fined a total of A$1,500 ($974.85), his lawyer said on Monday.

A 27-year-old man was charged with two counts of assault after being confronted by girls aged 13 and 14, who he claimed repeatedly knocked on his door and ran away.

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NSW Police said one teen fell to the ground and another suffered a minor scratch on his elbow after being pushed into a wall.

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The police were called when the hotel was notified and the girls’ father filed a complaint.

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“We’ve looked at the relevant events that happened, he was arrested by the police, he was questioned by the police and he told the police certain things,” Van der Pool’s lawyer Michael Bowe told Reuters.

“Mathieu agreed with some of these accusations. Upon deliberation, it was agreed that he should plead guilty. In Australia, if you plead guilty, you can walk away without a conviction … but that wasn’t the case here.”

Bowe confirmed that he would appeal the verdict on two counts of assault. Van der Poel was also allowed to leave the country after his passport was returned to him.

The Dutch Cycling Federation said neither they nor Van der Poel would comment on the incident.

The Tour de France stage winner, who was one of the favorites to win Sunday’s race in the New South Wales coastal city of Wollongong, subsequently dropped out after just 30 of 267 kilometers.

Belgian Remco Evenepoel won the road racing world title in the singles breakout on Sunday.