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Verstappen causes panic at Ferrari

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Max Verstappen has really hit the table in Free Practice 3 of the British Grand Prix, by achieving the best outstanding time, a 1:27.901, by in front of Checo Pérez in nothing less than 0.410 and 0.447 ahead of Charles Leclerc. In Ferrari have reason to be very concerned, Well, although it is true that they will not have run with the good engine maps, it is very likely that they will not have done so in Red Bull either.

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In Maranello they waited an improvement on its rivals of 0.3-0.4 seconds although they believed that they could counter with their new elements like the rear wing and the new diffuser, but it seems that the RB18 could have made a resounding leap compared to the F1-75, the one you see now closer to mercedes than its rivals since the beginning of the season.

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“They’re a little scary and they do it very easily. Qualy can be a bit of a horror movie. It looks like a very stable car. They have increased a lot of power compared to yesterday (over Red Bull). In fast corners like Copse, the Ferrari is the one that bounces the most and that does not help to get the time on the good lap,” he commented. Marc Gené and DAZN F1. “You can fight for pole, but we are not the favourites. Maybe the rain can help us,” he added.

Sainz, little comfortable

The strong wind of the session affected the Spaniard a lot, with the element that he least likes to deal with. HHe finished sixth, four tenths behind his teammate, but also surpassed by the Mercedes of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton. It seems like a complicated weekend after the first of yesterday’s Free Practice 2, which seems not to be representative. The rebound has multiplied in his car and faces serious difficulties.

Alonso 10th, with cracks in the pontoons

In Alpine reproduced the cracks in the new sides of the car that they already had on Friday. The times are to fight to get into Q3, despite lapping little, but they might have to take a step back and mount the Canadian bodywork for Qualifying and Race. A lot of work in the box of the tricolor team.

Fernando he got his time with a used soft set and might as well be hovering around 7th on grill.

Practice 3, Canadian GP 2022

1º M. Verstappen Red Bull 1’27″901 14

2nd S. Perez Red Bull 1’28″311 +00″410 15

3º C. Leclerc Ferrari 1’28″348 +00″447 18

4º G. Russell Mercedes 1’28″426 +00″525 18

5º L. Hamilton Mercedes 1’28″488 +00″587 19

6th Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1’28″689 +00″788 18

7º L. Norris McLaren 1’29″102 +01″201 16

8º V. Bottas Alfa Romeo 1’29″185 +01″284 16

9º M. Schumacher Haas 1’29″510 +01″609 18

10th Fernando Alonso Alpine 1’29″520 +01″619 15

11th E. Ocon Alpine 1’29″552 +01″651 19

12º S. Vettel Aston Martin 1’29″593 +01″692 22

13º G. Zhou Alfa Romeo 1’29 “752 +01” 851 13

14º A. Albon Williams 1’29″780 +01″879 17

15º L. Stroll Aston Martin 1’29″892 +01″991 22

16º Y. Tsunoda AlphaTauri 1’30 “039 +02” 138 17

17º P. Gasly AlphaTauri 1’30 “083 +02” 182 18

18th D. Ricciardo McLaren 1’30″293 +02″392 17

19º N. Latifi Williams 1’30″489 +02″588 13

20º K. Magnussen Haas 1’30″523 +02″622 16

Verstappen, start

After the first set of soft tires. Max already appeared as the first standout, ahead of a Hamilton who is going for a note this weekend and the two Ferraris, whose start to FP3 was somewhat worrying, almost half a second behind the World Championship leader and even far from Hamilton. Alonso climbed to seventhwhile Ocon, with some problem, was last.

After the first set of tires

1º M. Verstappen Red Bull 1’28″386 6

2º L. Hamilton Mercedes 1’28″697 +00″102 10

3º C. Leclerc Ferrari 1’28″860 +00″474 10

4th Carlos Sainz Ferrari 1’28″882 +00″496 11

5º G. Russell Mercedes 1’28″906 +00″520 10

6th S. Perez Red Bull 1’29″102 +00″716 6

7th Fernando Alonso Alpine 1’29″520 +01″134 12

8º G. Zhou Alfa Romeo 1’30 “050 +01” 664 7

9º M. Schumacher Haas 1’30″070 +01″684 10

10º L. Stroll Aston Martin 1’30″387 +02″001 13


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