Video: Disoriented fighter kicks referee following 8-second knockout loss

One of the most famous rules of combat sports is that fighters must always protect themselves. Apparently, this also applies to judges.

On Saturday at UAE Warriors 39 in Abu Dhabi, one hapless cage judge found himself embroiled in his own brawl after a contestant suffered a brutal knockout loss. Rustem Kudaibergenov quickly finished off Ilkhom Nazimov, knocking him down with a right square to the side of the head, but this was only the beginning of the action, as the clearly disoriented Nazimov continued to fight with the referee when he came to his senses. .

Watch the video of the strange scene above.

After Kudaibergenov’s punch ended the fight, Nazimov collapsed face down on the canvas, a punch that undoubtedly unsettled him even more. Nazimov was helped up by the referee, who had to defend himself when the confused Nazimov tried with him in the clinch. The video also shows how Nazimov pushes the referee away and kicks him to the body.

Nazimov appeared to be about to continue the fight before other officials entered the cage to calm the situation. It’s unclear if Nazimov will face any penalty for hitting the referee, though given the circumstances, it’s likely they’ll skip the case.


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