Vince Carter approves of Leaky Black 3-pointer – ESPN Video

0:16 Pete Nance scores UNC 3-pointer9h0:17 Kyle Filipowski spins for Duke bucket9h0:18 Backot hits hard for UNC10h0:17 Vince Carter favors Leaky Black 3-pointer10h0:16 Pete Nance sinks UNC 3-pointer 9h0:17 Kyle Filipowski spins move for Duke’s bucket 9h0:18 Backot throws a powerful punch for UNC10h0:17 Bracketology: So this is embarrassing… Kansas loses and they’re the new number 1 overall Close on top between Alabama, Houston and Kansas, but the Jayhawks get the nod in this update thanks to their all-time record in Quadrant 1 (15–6).


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