Warriors convert Anthony Lamb from two-way to standard contract, making him eligible for playoffs, per report

The Golden State Warriors have converted forward Anthony Lamb from a two-way contract to a standard contract. Shams Charania from Athletic. This distinction may seem trivial, but it is actually of great importance. Two-way players can only play 50 games in the regular season and are ineligible to play in the postseason. So far, Lamb has played 50 games for Golden State, meaning his season as the Warrior would have been over had he not been reformed. He will now stay with the Warriors in the playoffs.

Lamb has become an integral part of a Warriors team that has struggled with injury and adversity this season. He is averaging seven points in 20.1 minutes per game as an all-rounder, and with Andrew Wiggins busy dealing with personal issues, Lamb’s presence is more important than ever.

Another Golden State forward, Andre Iguodala, is now up for a wrist operation, so aside from Draymond Green and Jonathan Cuminga, the Warriors are thin in that position.

Lamb wasn’t the only two-way player Golden State had to decide on. Ty Jerome, who has also become a big part of the Golden State roster, has played 47 games this season. That means the Warriors will have to decide what to do with him over the next three days. Jerome’s minutes have been limited since Stephen Curry returned, but overall he played 18.5 full minutes per game for the Warriors in his 44 games.

However, the playoffs may shed light on the team’s depth. Golden State has been limited this season, and with Wiggins, Iguodala and Gary Payton II still out, the Warriors will need everything they have to rev up if they plan to defend their title.


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