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Washington 2025 ATH Jonathan Epperson starts with flurry of Pac-12 offers

Athlete Auburn (Washington) Riverside 2025 Jonathan Epperson January was productive.

In January, the two-way standout received five proposals from Oregon, USC, Washington State, Oregon, and Nevada.

Originally from the southeast, all offers came from the west coast, and Epperson is delighted with how it went.

“It was amazing,” Epperson said. “When college coaches come and talk to you, it’s a dream come true. When I first got my first offer, I was so shocked, I was so happy. I’m glad I got the chance to be proposed.”

Oregon began its recruitment with a running coach. Carlos Lochlin expansion of the offer.

“Coach Locklin suggested me as an athlete, but more as a linebacker,” Epperson said.

Then Washington State offered with a defensive line coach Pete Caligis offer.

“The energy he came with and proposed to me was amazing,” Epperson said. “As soon as I entered, he stood up, shook my hand and spoke to me with full energy. I like that in trainers. He made me feel like a man on a man here, and I appreciated it. Washington State offered me to be an athlete.”

USC then joined the fray.

“Trainer Brian Odom asked me to become a linebacker,” Epperson said. “He even asked me, ‘Do you think you could be a midfielder?’ and I said, ‘Yes, most definitely.’ I was excited and this offer was really great. My family is on my mom’s side of Los Angeles from Compton, so it felt like hometown. It’s a great feeling to know that I can go home with my family and it was great to get the USC offer.”

Running back coach from Nevada essential water suggested Epperson as well as Oregon State’s head coach. Jonathan Smith.

Originally from Maryland, Epperson moved to Washington in the spring and saw how the move worked.

“I’m definitely interested in schools from the East and Southeast,” Epperson said. “My family on my father’s side is from Columbus, Georgia, I have grandparents in Alabama, so the southeast interests me a lot. There are a lot of teams in the east that I would like to take part, but the west coast came out and showed a lot of love, so I like what they show me here. For a kid who just came in and said, “Dude, I’m trying to start something here,” to get right down to business, they showed a lot of love and I appreciate that.”

Epperson visited Oregon during the summer.

“It was amazing and I loved it the moment I saw it,” Epperson said.

The 6-0, 195-pound fighter also plans to start the track this spring.

“I will be running 100m and 4x100m,” Epperson said.


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