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Watch Ja Morant sky to throw down insane left-handed alley-oop Three things to know: Trey Murphy is perfect, Pelicans make statement Watch Klay Thompson get ejected after words with Booker, ref, Suns’ bench NBA, players union team up to promote respect of players, referees, fans Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram, Herb Jones all out for Pelicans Tuesday

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we are sure I am Morant can’t you fly?

Because after this crazy left-handed finish, the question is open for further discussion.

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It’s not a well-thrown frontal pass, it’s behind it, and only someone with superhuman jumping abilities and body control can get to it. Ja Morant enters.

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Morant and Kevin Duran give the fans in Memphis their money tonight. It’s fun, elite basketball.

Three Things is NBC’s five-day coverage of last night in the NBA. Verify Every weekday morning for what you missed the night before, plus the gossip, drama, and dunks that make the NBA a must-watch.

one) Trey Murphy perfect, he and the Pelicans make a statement in the West

The real problem for teams looking to get off to a slow start in the Western Conference playoffs – we’re looking at you, every franchise in Los Angeles – is that the West is full of impressive teams. What seems like a small stumble at the gate in the first couple of weeks of the season can set the team far enough back that it becomes difficult to catch up midway through the season.

One of these impressive teams made an important announcement Tuesday night:

Not Zion Williamson (contusion of the right hind thigh), no Brandon Ingram (concussion protocols), no Herbert Jones (right knee hyperextension) and yet the Pelicans still came out and beat Luka Doncic and the Mavericks 113–111. Trey Murphy, who scored 22 points on 8-of-8 perfect shooting, led the Pelicans’ balanced offense that saw eight players hit double figures.

Defensive play spoke volumes in this game, especially in the clutch—while neither team had a great night this end, the Pelicans played smarter late on.

The Pelicans had enough depth to throw a couple of long guards at Doncic in uniform Naji Marshall and newbie Dyson Danielsalthough they received a lot of help. Luca was Luca and scored 33 after three quarters but was short of legs in the fourth as he scored 2 of 6 overall and 0 of 4 of 3 including an attempt to win the game (which looked to be running out). target but bounced off the front of the rim).

Meanwhile, at the decisive moment, Dallas made a bad rotation – at some point they doubled CJ McCollum and leaving Devonte Graham wide open, at other times lacking the effort to close or struggle hard near the rim (Doncic was part of that). It was just an undisciplined defensive night for the Mavericks on all sides, one that would drive Jason Kidd crazy.

Doncic had 37 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists. Spencer Dinwiddie it was 24 points for Cavs, Christian Wood continued to play well off the bench with 23. Dallas falls to 1-2 with a loss.

It was a tough win for the Pelicans. Jose Alvarado set the tone early, and McCollum was not only a scorer but also a distributor (he finished with 14 points on 20 shots but had 11 assists). Good teams find ways to win when their best players are missing – the 3-1 Pelicans said they were one of those good teams.

Add the Pelicans and the 4-0 Trail Blazers to the list of good teams in the crowded West. Teams stumbling out of the gate should be concerned, these teams don’t look like they’re going anywhere.

2) Clay Thompson catapulted, Warriors fall on spectacular Suns

The Phoenix Suns are very good (more on that today at

If there was any doubt that the Suns were among the best teams in the West, then they should be dispelled, as Phoenix pulled away late to beat the Golden State Warriors 134-105.

Stephen Curry was mediocre (by his standards) in this one, with 21 points on 7-of-17 shooting. A bigger problem remains the Warriors’ pre-season defense – their 114.8 defensive rating is currently 22nd in the league. It’s not the defense that won them the rings handed out at the premiere.

Devin Booker took advantage of that defense and continued his strong start to the season with 34 points on 10-of-19 shots.

Also, Booker was the guy who hit Clay Thompson to the quick and kicked him out of the game for the first time in his career.

Thomson and Booker went back and forth throughout the game (they guarded each other for a long time, Booker got a lot of his buckets on Clay). Halfway through the third, with the game still in doubt, all the words turned into a mini chest-to-chest confrontation, but the referee stepped in and gave the standard double technique to try and calm things down. Booker just left.

Thompson did not. The usually calm Thompson lost his cool, he continued to bark at the Suns and then at referee Ed Malloy, for which he received a second T and a suspension.

The main reason for Thompson’s disappointment: he hit 1 of 8, missing all five 3-pointers. He couldn’t move and couldn’t stop Booker.

After Thompson was expelled, the Suns went on 20-5 and it’s your game.

It’s a long regular season that the Warriors won’t take too seriously, they have plenty of time to bounce back properly. The Warriors have a strong track record, and just a week into the season, they’ve got the edge over the doubts. Eventually, they will need to develop good habits in this regard, but right now the Warriors’ defense is in jeopardy.

3) Wizards 3-1 and pay attention to the east

The conventional wisdom that the Wizards would enter this season was a pretty good roster, aside from Bradley Beal as well as Kristaps Porzingis could stay healthy.

They’re healthy now, and the Wizards are starting 3-1 after beating the Pistons 120-99.

Beal was limited in this game with a strained back (although he played little in the second half), but it was Kyle Kuzma (25 points, 6 rebounds) and Kristaps Porzingis (20 points), who carried the load for the Wizards. With beal limited Will Barton got more mileage and scored 16 points.

We reserve the right to judge the Wizards, whose three wins were against the Pacers, Bulls and Pistons (the best team they played with, the Cavaliers, beat them in overtime). Things get more complicated starting Sunday when the Wizards face the Celtics, followed by a couple of games against Joel Embiid and 76ers. These games will tell us a lot more about how good Wizards is.

For the first time in his 651-match career Clay Thompson was eliminated from the NBA game.

Thomson and Devin Booker went back and forth against the best two teams in the West – a game that was within 10 points in the middle of the third quarter – and these words continued after the mini-Sons series increased them to eight. Both received a technical score for the fight and chest-to-chest kick, but the usually flippant Thompson lost his cool, continued to bark at the Suns and referee Ed Malloy, and earned a second T and a suspension.

Thompson will write the league a check for the fine he will receive after that…


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