WATCH: Jon Rahm, Adam Hadwin ignite the WM Phoenix Open crowd at famous 16th hole in final group of day

In Saturday’s third round of the WM Phoenix Open 2023, Adam Hadwin and John Rahm were the last to arrive at the par-3 stadium’s famous 16th hole. Making the hole difficult to play due to changing winds and hard conditions, Rahm, along with fellow player Scotty Sheffler, teeed about 40 feet before Hadwin got to the tee.

Hadwin was the man who gave the raucous believers one last chance at glory, as the hole was left untouched for most of the day, given the location of the tucked pin. Walking up and teeing to extend the distance, the Canadian infuriated the locals. Beer rain poured down as the transplant in Scottsdale, Arizona nearly sold an ace on the last full run of the day.

In the stands for as long as 12 hours of waiting for such a moment as Hadwin, the patience of the fans was rewarded not once, but twice. After some cleanup due to plastic cups and water bottles being thrown onto the lawn in honor of Hadwin’s throw, Ram approached his bird opportunity from left to right from 40 feet.

As the number 3 in the world often does, he did it. A downpour followed, and that’s how Arizona’s product became one of the leaders in no time.


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