Watch: Scottie Scheffler nearly aces 16th hole, tee ball ends up off green

Ignore the ShotLink chart; Scotty Scheffler was within a foot of a hole in one at TPC Scottsdale’s opening Friday at the WM Phoenix Open.

So how, then, did his tee-ball end up outside the ball-playing surface?

Here’s how: Scheffler hit the green at the stadium’s 158-yard hole and his ball landed about 15 feet to the left of the flag before rolling toward the cup. The ball seemed to lose steam about a foot, but then a strong gust of wind, already bent the flagstick, accelerated the roll and sent the ball over the green, about 16 feet from the hole.

“Easy,” said the announcer. “Wow! It’s going to go away from green. Someone just turned on a windmill at 16. At one point, that ball was 10 inches.”

“It should have been probably 6 feet to the left of the pit,” Scheffler said later. “It ended about 20 feet from the green. It was strange. Tough break.”

He then added: “My ball flew into the green zone in a funny way, where I could tell that something was going on there. I don’t appreciate it too much. It was a good chance to get booed, but it happens.”

Scheffler hit two hits with a disappointing par. But after that, he called with four birds in a row, starting with par-4 hole to tie John Ram for the lead in the tournament.


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