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Watch vintage Klay Thompson show up, drop 20 in first quarter Trainer to NBA stars such as Curry, Rose, Rob McClanaghan arrested on rape charge Ben Simmons says ‘I know what’s coming’ in return to Philadelphia Joel Embiid out of 76ers next two games due to sprained left foot Overturned Doncic buzzer beater at half becomes unexpected big swing in Nuggets win

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Clay Thompson He hasn’t been close to his old self this season, and more importantly, he hasn’t even been the same playoff guy he was last season. He rebuffed criticism, saying he deserved more time after missing two seasons with an ACL tear and then with a torn Achilles tendon.

Sunday night, first quarter vintage glue appeared.

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Thompson scored 20 points on 7-of-9 shooting in the first quarter.

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This is the 11th time in Thompson’s career that he has scored 20+ points in a quarter (of course, he holds the quarter points record of 37).

Thompson continued to hit and scored over 30 points in the fourth quarter as the Warriors were close to the Rockets.

Rob McClanagan is a renowned independent NBA coach who has worked with Kevin Duran as well as Stephen Curry among many others, was arrested on suspicion of rape in downtown Boston.

The arrest took place in Rhode Island, where McClanagan lives. according to the Boston Police Department. He was transferred to Boston to face charges of “rape and drug use for sexual intercourse.” McClanagan was brought in for arrest on a Boston Municipal Court arrest warrant on November 17.

From the Boston Police:

On Friday, November 18, 2022, officers from the Boston Sexual Assault Unit, the Boston Police Fugitive Unit, and the Warwick, Rhode Island Police Department located and arrested 43-year-old Robert McClanagan of Warwick, Rhode Island, Island), in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. At the time of his arrest, the suspect was wanted under an arrest warrant issued by Boston Municipal Court on November 17, 2022 on charges of rape and drug use for sexual intercourse. The suspect was brought in by the BPD Fugitive Unit in coordination with Warwick Rhode Island Police Department officers to be registered with their unit. McClanagan will appear in court on Monday in the Third District Court for Kent County, Rhode Island, where he will be charged with fugitives.

McClanagan’s attorney declined to comment on ESPN.

McClanagan, 43 says on his website he was a “skills development coach for the NBA’s top players, including the MVP Derrick RoseKevin Durant, Steph Curry and Russell Westbrook“. Curry wrote the foreword for a book for sale on McClanagan’s website. A number of other high-profile NBA players have links to McClanagan, including John WallCarmelo Anthony and Kevin Love. McClanagan also gives speeches to corporate clients. He was an occasional player with Syracuse from 1999 to 2001.

Ben Simmons heard whistling even in street clothes on the bench. He returned to Philadelphia last season as a Brooklyn Nets player after being forced out of Philadelphia in a trade, and Philadelphia fans let him hear it.

On Tuesday night, he’ll take it to a whole new level when Ben Simmons slips the Nets jersey over his head and takes to the court for another team for the first time in Philadelphia. He knows the Sixers fans haven’t left as reported by Tim Bontemps on ESPN.

— In Philadelphia? Simmons said, drawing more laughter. “I know what is coming. This is part of the game. Philadelphia fans, one thing about Philadelphia fans is they are incredible. They are the hardheads of Philadelphia, and they are all of Philadelphia, whatever it may be. I respect it in the city. This is a sports city. I was talking, I think, with Yuta. [Watanabe] before the game about what it’s like to play in Philadelphia and it’s an incredible opportunity to wear any jersey.

“This is Philadelphia and it’s a unique experience.”

Well played with positivity.

But you can be sure that not only are the Sixers’ fans still unhappy with Simmons’ performance for their team (when he was forced to leave in a trade), but the Sixers’ slow 8-8 start to a season that was expected , they will promote. the teams at the top will express their dissatisfaction with Simmons. It won’t be pretty.

The history of Sixers fans being frustrated with Simmons—and Simmons being frustrated with the Sixers front office—is a long one. This goes back to Simmons’ name, which came up in talk of a 2021 deadline trade for Harden, missed free throws in the playoffs that followed, and a much-discussed dunk against the Hawks. Most importantly, though, Simmons pushed for the trade by not playing for Philadelphia at all during the season and essentially wasting Embiid’s heyday.

Simmons is showing his best basketball with the Network, including his 22 points on Sunday against the Memphis Grizzlies. He found a level of comfort, he came off the bench, but returned to the starting five and works more without the ball. He finds his role.

Simmons will get off lightly on the court on Tuesday as he won’t have to play against any of Philadelphia’s big three. Joel Embiid (sprained foot), James Harden (stretching the tendon of the right foot) and Tyrese Maxi (fractured left foot) it’s over. Simmons played about 4/5 of the role for the Nets and probably would have equaled on points with Embiid.

But he’s going up against 76ers fans and it won’t be easy.

James Harden dislocation (stretching of the tendon of the right foot). Tyrese Maxi dropped out (fractured left foot).

Currently Joel Embiid missing also for Philadelphia.

The 76ers have announced that Embiid has a left midfoot sprain and is now out of Tuesday’s game against the Brooklyn Nets. Ben Simmons return game – and back-to-back on Wednesday against the Hornets. At this point, he will be re-evaluated: Philadelphia will hit the track and face Orlando on Friday.

This injury appears to have occurred on Saturday night against the Timberwolves when the 76ers Georges Niang fell on Embiid’s leg.

It’s been a brutal streak of injuries for the 76s, although Embiid has spoken of shoulder pain and other issues, a few days off could have been good for his body.

It’s going to be a tough time for the Sixers, who have a -16.1 net rating this season with Embiid, Harden and Maxi all off the court.


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