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Week 11 Fantasy Football Blog

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We’re in Week 11 and there are eight games at 1pm and three at 4pm ET. Can’t watch games today? We provide you with prompt updates of all games.


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4:00 pm ET

Raiders @ Broncos

Cowboys @ vikings

Bengals @ Steelers

4:51 – Cowboys drive off the Vikings and reach the two-yard line. After Pollard tried to hit the end zone twice, Ezekiel Elliot broke through Minnesota’s defense and scored the goal.

4:45 p.m. – Vikings score field goal to tie Cowboys 3-3. I’m guessing it’s field goal day. Chris Boswell scored a field goal for the Steelers and they drew the Bengals 3–3.

4:41 – The Cowboys and Bengals hit a field goal, scoring points against the Vikings and Steelers, respectively.

4:25 – Broncos score first in their game with a touchdown Latavius ​​Murray one yard.

13:00 ET Final results

Bears 24 @ Falcons 27

Browns 23 @ Bills 31

Eagles 17 @ Colts 16

Jets 3 @ Patriots 10

Rams 20 @ Saints 27

Lions 31 @ Giants 18

Panthers 13 @ Ravens 3

Commanders 23 @ Texans 10

4:09 – The Browns are in a winning position with 34 seconds left in the game. They are still trailing 16-31 in scores. Donovan Peoples-Jones caught a two-yard touchdown from Brissett to make it 23-31 with 19 seconds left.

4:04 – The Ravens finished off the Panthers with an interception.

Meanwhile, the Patriots hit a huge touchdown with 19 seconds left in the game after leading 3–3 for most of the game. Marcus Jones ran 84 yards from a punt at the last moment and scored a goal. I would laugh if they went into overtime at 3-3.

INJURY UPDATE: sorry for the delay, just got a notification that Van’Dale Robinson dropped out with a knee injury.

3:56 – The Eagles held off the Colts and will win this game. It was much closer than it should have been.

3:53 – Oops! Fields had just been picked up by the Falcons with 1:40 left in the game.

3:52 – Cooper just added another touchdown, but too late for the Browns, who are 16-28 behind the Bills.

3:51 – The Eagles just got a one-yard lead over the Colts with a rushing touchdown seven yards off the Hurts.

3:49 – The Falcons took a 27–24 lead with Ku.

3:46 AM – The Giants just fumbled the ball and the Lions have the upper hand at the Giants’ 29-yard line.

Lamar Jackson just threw a touchdown to finally hit the first touchdown on the board in this game.

3:41 – Oh no! Allen’s pass flew right out of Diggs’s arms just before he crashed into the operator. He seems to be fine. They have to settle for a field goal and increase their lead over Cleveland by three.

Shea Smith of the Panthers fumbled the ball and the Ravens recovered at the Carolina 31-yard line. Kenyan Drake’s run was short as he was pushed out of bounds.

3:36 – Well… a whopping 6-3 for the Ravens over the Panthers. Double cheers.

3:32 – David Montgomery tied the Falcons 24–24 with a short rushing touchdown. Meanwhile, the Colts agree to a field goal to add three more against the Eagles, who are six behind.

3:28 – Daniel Jones ran to the Giants at the Lions’ five-yard line. It was Matt Braida, note Saquon Barkley dismounting for a touchdown. Braida has three carries for 13 yards and a touchdown against Barkley’s 15 carries and 33 yards. Jones leads the team in shooting with 50 yards and a rushing touchdown.

3:23 – The Eagles need a spark, and they may have just got it after forcing Jonathan Taylor fumbles. Well, it wasn’t long. After the clearance, they immediately gave the ball to the Colts after AJ Brown messed around.

3:19 – Saints are inside the three yard line against the Rams thanks to Olav and Landry. Dalton was fired second. They failed to realize and had to be content with a field goal.

The Patriots handed him over to the Jets after failing to do so on the fourth down.

3:18 – The Browns’ field goal was blocked, but the Commanders’ shot went through for three points.

3:17: Mariota rushed for a 10-yard touchdown for the Falcons. They lead the bears 24-17.

3:12 – Perkins-led Rams score a field goal to cut Saints’ lead to 24-17.

3:07 – Devin Singletary made his way into the end zone for a short touchdown by the Bills. The Buffalo extended their lead over the Browns 22–10. An attempt at a two-point implementation was unsuccessful.

2:58 – Chris Olav threw a big pass 53 yards off Andy Dalton gave the Saints a 24–14 lead over the Rams.

INJURY UPDATE: Matthew Stafford heads to the locker room. Bryce Perkins is warming up on the sidelines.

2:55 – Damien Harris added a few yards on the Patriot track. He ran 30 yards, then caught a 15 yard pass from Mac Jones in the next play.

2:54 – The Panthers equalized the Ravens at play to level the score, 3-3. Hooray.

2:52 – Lions prepare to score again from the five-yard line thanks to D’Andre Swift and Amon-Ra Saint Brown. But it’s Williams with his third touchdown that hits him for a touchdown.

2:50 – Bass just hit a 56-yard field goal to extend the Bills’ 16-10 lead over the Browns.

2:48 – It’s still hard to believe that the Panthers-Ravens game is still only 0-3, but here we are.

2:46 – Thanks to Cook’s play, the Texans are on the Commanders’ 11-yard line and just converted a first down. They were unable to turn their drive into a touchdown and settle for a 29-yard field to put points on the board.

2:42 – Saints in red with 18 yard reception Jarvis Landry. He completed the drive with a seven-yard touchdown.

The Texans finally showed some life with a big game for 41 yards. Brandin Cooks. They are 20-0 behind the commanders.

2:36 – While other games are at halftime, the Colts started their second half with a 36-yard field goal. They ended the first half with a 51-yard field goal to lead the Eagles 13–3.

2:33 – Youngghwe Koo’s strike just equalized 17-17 against the Bears.

2:31 – Hurts just got a little tinkering and the Colts are taking over just outside their red zone.

2:22 – Lions, Commanders and Billy are in high-scoring positions in the red zone. Williams added his second touchdown for the Lions over the Giants, who are leading by 10. Heinicke and Josh Allen had to give up on their attempts. But Allen found it wide open Stephon Diggs for a short touchdown. The Commanders scored a successful 24-yard field goal to lead the Texans 20-0.

2:20 – Hooray! Allen Robinson finally hit the end zone, giving the Rams a 14–10 lead over the Saints. Robinson’s touchdown was on a six-yard pass from Stafford.

Nick Faulk missed a field goal attempt for the Patriots.

2:17 – Game still scoreless between Panthers and Ravens with five seconds left in the half. Ravens trotting Justin Tucker for 32-yard field goal.

2:15 – Wow! Patterson just scored… wait… a 103 yard touchdown on the return kick! Holy prayer!

2:05 – Billy added three more points from a 36-yard Tyler Bass from the game. Greg Zuerlein hit a 45-yard field goal and Joey Sly also scored a successful 25-yard field goal, earning three more field goals for the commanders.

2:03 – The Bears just forced Cordarrell Patterson’s pass and are in possession at the 25-yard line.

2:00 p.m. – Lions score their first touchdown of the game with a short run down the middle by none other than Jamal Williams. The Lions take a 10-6 lead against the Giants.

1:52 – Patriots are about to score a field goal against the Jets and Nick Faulkhit is good. This is the first score in the game.

1:45 – Andy Dalton found my new favorite target Juwan Johnson in the end zone for the Saints on an eight-yard pass. They take a 10-7 lead over the Rams.

1:43 – Ravens go for it on fourth down with Mark Andrews in the center. The act did not deceive the defense, and they were forced to hit with a punt.

1:37 – Oh man! Two beautiful passes from Brissett were lost in the end zone. They had to settle for a field goal, which was good. Cleveland leads the Bills 10-3.

1:30 – Daniel Jones rushed into the three-yard count for the Giants, but the extra point didn’t help. They lead Lviv 6-3.

1:26 – The Eagles drive down the field with the 29th pass from Jalen hurt AJ Brown.

Which? Tutu Atwell just scored a 62-yard touchdown for the Rams. You know, because we all started it in fantasy. Ugh. At least those are the points for Matthew Stafford.

1:25 – Hooray! Mariota just avoided being hit by the Bears who were trying to pass to Kyle Pitts.

1:16 – Justin Fields began dividing the Falcons from a 16-yard touchdown to Darnell Mooney will tie the Falcons at 7-7.

Saints and Lions score points from the field.

1:15 – Velasquez Jones just interrupted a 55-yard kickback and the Bears started their first shot of the game.

1:07 – Wow! What landing from Jacoby Brisset Amari Cooper for a touchdown for the Browns. The Colts also hit the board with a one-yard throw from Taylor. In order not to be left out, both the Commanders and the Falcons scored. Marcus Mariota found Drake London for a two-yard touchdown reception, while Davis Mill threw a six. This is how you start the day, gentlemen.

1:05 – This Jonathan Taylor with a big game for the Colts vs Eagles. He ran down center for 28 yards to put Indianapolis on the 10-yard line.

We almost had a great game Taylor Heinicke against the Texans, but the game was derailed.


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